How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jun 28 1998

'Exodus' role ARI
'Foreign Affairs' author Alison LURIE
'Hamlet' quintet ACTS
'Hoo' preceder YOO
'Hood AREA
'L'___ c'est moi' ETAT
'SOS' singers ABBA
'The Last Command' locale ALAMO
1962 Paul Anka hit ESOBESO
Actress Massey ILONA
Apteryx australis KIWI
Balloon or dirigible AEROSTAT
Beneficiary of nepotism: Abbr. REL
Bit of fast food TACO
Bit of Florida KEY
Blue book filler TESTEE
Campaign feature, maybe MUD
Car bomb? EDSEL
Caterpillar constructions TENTS
Cell division process MITOSIS
Channels WAYS
Climber's challenge ALP
Conduct, in a way CHAIR
Cousin of a canvasback TEAL
Cremona craftsman AMATI
Crow's home TEPEE
Crows' homes NESTS
Daminozide, commercially ALAR
Diamond family name ALOU
Diatribes SCREEDS
Directly opposed TOETOTOE
Discloses SAYS
Disinfest DERAT
Domino, e.g. TILE
Duster MAID
Edit, as a soundtrack REDUB
El adjoiner KAY
Em, for example AUNTIE
Evening event MOONSET
Flexible LITHE
Fore-and-after SLOOP
Gets serious, with 'up' SOBERS
Give or take ORSO
Goa garment SAREE
Gray wolf LOBO
Halitosis fighter SCOPE
Ham's punctuation OVER
Hardly a blabbermouth CLAM
Having made substantial gains? OBESE
He was a real dummy SNERD
Hollywood autobiography subtitled 'My Story' AVA
Hospital supply BLOOD
Illegal parker's worry TOWER
Initials since 1933 TVA
Innocent LAMB
Introduction to physics? ASTRO
Kill ___ killed ORBE
Let out UNPEN
Like smokestacks SOOTY
Like some coifs LAYERED
Like some questions YESNO
Liszt's 'La Campanella,' e.g. ETUDE
Longer in the tooth OLDER
Major defense contractor LORAL
Milton, for one ODIST
More cluttered BUSIER
Navigation units SEAMILES
Nickelodeon cartoon character REN
Nonpolluting ECO
Oahu-to-Maui dir. ESE
Office dupes, for short CCS
Old shoe polish brand SHINOLA
One of TV's Mavericks BRET
Pantry pest ANT
Pasta or potato, to an athlete CARB
Pertaining to 73-Down HEMAL
Petitions ENTREATS
Place for bats? BELFRY
Politico Bayh EVAN
Port of Egypt SAID
Prefix with -pathy OSTEO
Professional suffix IST
Pump, e.g. SHOE
Raise again...and again TREBLE
Razor-billed bird AUK
Reached the vanishing point CONVERGED
Result of a crack? HAHA
Ring fighter TORO
Rival of Helena ESTEE
River crosser, perhaps TRESTLE
Saint in Italy PAOLO
Saint ___ (Florida county) LUCIE
Scratch BREAD
Scribes PENMEN
Seed structure OVULE
Showstoppers? ENCORES
Showy flower CALLA
Sleekly designed AERO
Slowest on the uptake DENSEST
Smoking gun PROOF
Song word after 'Aba' DABA
Sporty car CAMARO
Square-ended vessel SCOW
Stampeders HERD
The 'id' in 'id est' THAT
The comedian ordered ___ CORNBREAD
The exterminator ordered ___ SHOOFLYPIE
The horologist ordered ___ MINUTERICE
The inept furniture mover ordered ___ CHIPPEDBEEF
The mama's boy ordered ___ CODDLEDEGGS
The munitions expert ordered ___ SHELLSTEAK
The panhandler ordered ___ SPONGECAKE
The real estate agent ordered ___ HOMEFRIES
The used-car dealer ordered ___ LEMONSOLE
The wild pitcher ordered ___ BEANSALAD
Time of decision DDAY
Took out DELED
Toto's creator BAUM
Tries not to attract attention LIESLOW
Two-stage missile TITAN
Unsettling comment from a pilot UHOH
Utah state flower SEGO
Vacillate SEESAW.
Vacillate SEESAW
Vanquishes BESTS
Whence the Magi, with 'the' EAST
Whole bunch RAFTS
Wired EDGY
Withdraws, with 'out' OPTS
Word of politeness MADAM
Younger siblings, traditionally PESTS
___ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
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