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Used to refer to the one, thing, or type specified as follows: The relics found were those of an earlier time.

Used to refer to the event, action, or time just mentioned: After that, he became a recluse.

Used to indicate the farther or less immediate one: That is for sale; this is not.


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
Use the first 4 letters of a 1980s British prime minister's name to get this demonstrative pronoun
Geographic Matches
That, Sindh, PAKISTAN
That, Rajasthan, INDIA
That description
That is a function word used in the English language for several grammatical purposes.These include:* as a complementizer/subordinating conjunction. ("He asked that she go.")
* to introduce a restrictive relative clause ("The test that she took was hard.") In this role, that may be analyzed either as a relative pronoun or as a conjunction as in the first case; see English relative clauses: That a relativizer instead of relative pronoun. (In American and Canadian English, "that" is only used in this way if the verb could affect the proceeding noun, i.e., one would say "The test she took was hard," but would still say "I hate that dogs are messy" to avoid being misheard as saying "I hate dogs.")
* as a demonstrative pronoun ("That was hard.") (plural: those)
* as a demonstrative adjective ("That test was hard.") (plural: those)
* as an adverb ("The test wasn't that bad.")In the first two uses the word is usually pronounced weakly, as /ðt/, whereas in the other uses it is pronounced /ðæt/.
* In th
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