How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 27 2009

'First, ___ harm' (medical axiom) DONO
'My gal' of song SAL
'Please help me with directions' IMLOST
'Wanna ___?' BET
1944 Jean-Paul Sartre play NOEXIT
2K race, e.g. FUNRUN
60-min. periods HRS
Adolph who was chief of The New York Times from 1896 to 1935 OCHS
As, chemically ARSENIC
Atlas page MAP
Aunt from 'Oklahoma!' ELLER
Backs of boats STERNS
Bed-and-breakfast INN
Bloodhound's trail SCENT
Bogged down MIRED
Boom, zoom and vroom NOISES
College professor's mantra PUBLISHORPERISH
Completely fill SATE
Critical hosp. area ICU
Cushiony part of a shoe INSOLE
Dairy Queen order SUNDAE
Dazzling effect ECLAT
Deemed not suitable for kids RATEDR
Distant FAR
Drink with Grabbin' Grape and Smashin' Wild Berry flavors HIC
Dull, in poetry DREAR
English nobles EARLS
Ernie of golf fame ELS
Fast-talking GLIB
Feature of a May-December romance AGEGAP
Finisher of pottery or cakes GLAZER
Fortify with vitamins, e.g. ENRICH
G.P.S. offering: Abbr. RTE
Gird oneself GETSET
High-speed train from Boston to Washington ACELA
Highly collectible illustrator MAXFIELDPARRISH
Highway entrances and exits, typically RAMPS
Hits the hay RETIRES
It might be cut by an uppercut CHIN
Jeopardy RISK
Kuwaiti chief EMIR
Lafayette or Orleans LOUISIANAPARISH
LOL, out loud HAHA
Matt Lauer or Meredith Vieira for 'Today' COHOST
Mil. truants AWOLS
Nancy's 56-Down in the comics FRITZI
One leaving cash on the table? TIPPER
One of the Wise Men CASPAR
Penny vis-à-vis a dime TENTH
Previous FORMER
Rope-a-dope boxer ALI
Rum and lime juice drink DAIQUIRI
See 39-Down AUNT
Short-sheeting a bed, TP'ing a house, etc. PRANKS
Splenda rival EQUAL
Stand in a queue for, say AWAIT
Stimpy's cartoon pal REN
Style of Chinese cuisine HUNAN
Suffix with cash IER
Sword handles HAFTS
The upper Midwest's ___ Canals SOO
They have precincts: Abbr. PDS
Uganda's ___ Amin IDI
Unaccompanied LONE
What light bulbs and bootblacks do SHINE
Yank's foe in the Civil War REB
Yoko of 'Double Fantasy' ONO
___ incognita TERRA
___ note (dictionary bit) USAGE
___ orange OSAGE
___ Peanut Butter Cups REESES
___-Magnon man CRO
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