How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 19 1998

'Bonanza' deputy and others CLEMS
'C'mon, be ___' APAL
'Did you ___?' EVER
'Jerusalem Delivered' poet TASSO
'Out!' SCAT
'T' size: Abbr. LGE
'The light dawns!' AHA
'There!' TADA
'___ be in England' OHTO
'___ Grows in Brooklyn' ATREE
10, in a way IDEAL
10th anniversary gift TIN
Abominable Snowman? HAIRYSHAPE
Absent-minded barber's request? LENDMEYOURSHEARS
African plains grazer GNU
Airline to Stockholm SAS
Aquarium staple GUPPY
Art Deco illustrator ERTE
Autograph holders CASTS
Boat propellers OARS
Bons mots EPIGRAMS
Bruce of 'Family Plot' DERN
Building blocks, e.g. TOYS
Chan's silent 'You got me'? ORIENTALSHRUG
Christie detective MARPLE
Coffeecake KUCHEN
College credits UNITS
Comparatively stewed TIGHTER
Cubist before Rubik PICASSO
Czechs' cousins SLOVAKS
Don't leave at the doorstep ASKIN
Dump CAN
Early 'S.N.L.' star RADNER
Electrical unit FARAD
European language of one million ESTONIAN
Fast exodus OUTRUSH
Fasten with a pop SNAPON
Flood survivor's pet? NOAHSSHARK
Forms grp. IRS
Gimlets and screwdrivers TOOLS
Got ready to drive, with 'up' TEED
Guide and protector SHEPHERD
Head man on ice? SKATINGSHRINK
Here's one pour vous UNE
Hit (the brakes) SLAMON
Hungry feeling PANG
India/Pakistan events ATESTS
It's supposed to come first SAFETY
Italian note ELA
Joltless joe SANKA
Kabuki alternative NOH
Kind of bar CANDY
Kind of center TRAUMA
Kind of geometry PLANE
La la starter OOH
Large amount SEA
Lassie's mate LAD
Light lager PILSNER
Light of the moon HALO
Like a 911 call: Abbr. EMER
Little PC pictures ICONS
Look of one needing a comeuppance SNEER
Lounging ATEASE
Make final ICE
Man to 'tell 'em what they won' on many game shows PARDO
Marabou, for one STORK
Mate's assent AYSIR
Milk: Prefix LACTI
Monthly occurrence IDES
Most curious ODDEST
N.L. Central team inits. STL
Neighbor of Mo. TENN
Never, never, never NOTONCE
Nimble SPRY
Not doing well in a race FADING
Off one's rocker LOCO
Old Dodge ARIES
Old English bard SCOP
Old French colony ACADIA
Old sit-in org. SDS
On the decline? ASLOPE
Opened UNDID
Operatic passage ARIOSO
Paler than pale ASHY
Parking place LOT
Part of H.R.H. HIS
Peeples of 'North Shore,' 1987 NIA
Pill popper's pop CAPLET
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Pot containers REEFERS
Prefix with duct OVI
Psis' predecessors CHIS
Purplish-red GRAPE
Put two and two together ADD
Rags have them EDITORS
Ray of film ALDO
Reason to go back to school REUNION
Rhine whine ACH
Rotating bodies PLANETS
Saint-___ (Loire's capital) ETIENNE
Sandwich filler TUNAFISH
Sandwiches for dessert OREOS
Satirical production REVUE
Sch. group PTA
Sets upon HASAT
Sign-on requirement, often USERID
Sling mud ASPERSE
Snow, in Bordeaux NEIGE
Something to put on? AIRS
Son of Vespasian TITUS
Soprano Scotto RENATA
Stand in SUB
Sticking point TINE
Stool, in a manner of speaking PERCH
Strip off SHED.
Strip off SHED
They can go to blazes HOSES
Three oceans touch it ASIA
Ties up the phone YAKS
Timeless, in olden times ETERNE
Turned a deaf ear to IGNORED
University of California site DAVIS
Unreadable INCODE
Vaudeville dancer's accessory CANE
Viper's sound SSS
Vocally ALOUD
Welsh dog CORGI
What to do AGENDA
Why plants turn to the sun TROPISM
Woofer output ARF
Work ___ ETHIC
Worrier's handful BEADS
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