How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 11 1999

'Got it' IDIG
'Radio Free Europe' rock band REM
'That's ___ sure!' FER
'Time to have a foal'? MAREBRAINEDIDEA
'When I was ___...' ABOY
'___ dreaming?' AMI
1974 Sutherland/Gould spoof SPYS
20's beer barrel busters FEDS
60's coll. radicals SDS
7th-century Arab caliph ALI
A crowd, for Caesar? III
A matter of will? ESTATE
Abbr. starting some corp. names INTL
Acted like APED
Affixed TIEDON
Airborne faultfinder TESTPILOT
Almost purée RICE
Alpine sight MONT
AM selections: Abbr. STAS
Apple product IMAC
Athens attraction PARTHENON
Author Jong ERICA
Barely enough MINIMAL
Bedtime reading in the forest? MOTHERMOOSESTORIES
Beloved subject of Thomas Campbell ERIN
Berlioz's 'Les nuits d'___' ETE
Big cheer OLE
Blood pigment HEME
Botheration ADO
Brown shade COCOA
Brown, in a way PANBROIL
Burning the midnight oil, so to speak UPLATE
Calendar abbr. TUE
Call upon VISIT
Canine cover TARTAR
Center strip cuts? MOHAWKS
Comfortably inviting HOMEY
Common aspiration AITCH
Comparison basis STANDARD
Council of ___ (1409 assembly) PISA
Cross with a loop ANKH
Do some campaign work ORATE
Doesn't fold STAYS
Essayist Day CLARENCE
Exploitative employer PADRONE
Familiarize ORIENT
Flubbed ERRED
Foot: Prefix PEDI
Germanic tribesman TEUTON
Gold standard KARAT
Gray, for one ELEGIST
Green gem PERIDOT
Handle NAME
Handy digit THUMB
Held jointly POOLED
High point EVEREST
Hindu habits SARIS
Home run, slangily TATER
Homecoming visitors ALUMS
Hot to trot KEEN
It makes one hot IRE
It's often left hanging ART
Item that's often hidden EASTEREGG
Jaywalking, e.g. NONO
Kind of joint MITER
Like cancan dancers LEGGY
Like many a sports report POSTGAME
Like some apartments RELET
Like some shopping ONESTOP
Makes veal, maybe SAUTES
Maryland athlete, for short TERP
New England state sch. URI
Newswriter's specialty BEAT
Noise pollution DINS
Nonabrasive GENTLE
Not at all like DESPISE
Not be alert DOZE
One step STAIR
One who accepts charges MATADOR
Part of an E-mail address DOT
Phone button trio MNO
Pitch TONE
Place for a run OVAL
Play opener ANTE
Potted plant place LEDGE
Priest of I Samuel ELI
Prince Albert, e.g. COAT
Prodder SPUR
Profusion RIOT
Put down DERIDED
Raising a sweat, perhaps HUMID
Ready, with 'up' GEARED
Red-white-and-blue AMERICAN
Roaster, maybe HEN
Rough stuff ORE
Sci-fi writer Frederic POHL
Scratched (out) EKED
Seasoned hands VETS
Seat of honor location DAIS
Separates SIFTSOUT
Set aside RESERVED
Shaq's alma mater LSU
Shortly before? ERE
Shoulder piece EPAULET
Singer Lennon and others SEANS
Smooth IRON
So far, on a pay stub: Abbr. YTD
Source of 85-Down OAK
Stick-to-it-iveness? COHESION
Stitch souvenir SCAR
Stone of some Libras OPAL
Stopper CORK
Takes off life support? WEANS
Tale of a tiny bellower? THELOUSETHATROARED
Talk effusively GUSH
Test for a college sr. GRE
They exist from hand to mouth REINS
Took action DID
Tot toter PRAM
Traitorous intruder? RATBURGLAR
Troublemakers, never ANGELS
Trumpet blast TANTARA
Tube-nosed seabird PETREL
Tussle SCRAP
Use Schedule A ITEMIZE
Verse from Villon POEME
Voice stretcher ARIA
Warrant follower RAID
What an ass declares in cards? DONKEYSUIT
When to slop in the mud on the farm? HOGDAYSOFSUMMER
Wisest of the centaurs, in Greek myth CHIRON
With bite ACIDLY
Word from a con NAY
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