How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 17 1999

'My Brother ___' (Grateful Dead song) ESAU
'The fault, dear Brutus, ___ in our stars' ISNOT
Abbr. concerning the holy or 'potholy' STS
Agitate RILE
Alphabetical order? MINDYOURPSANDQS
Analogy words ISTO
Antidemocratic belief ELITISM
Atty.'s title ESQ
Bacillus shapes RODS
Bad reception? ICINESS
Batting order? SOCKITTOMENOW
Beer-brewing mixture MASH
Benedictine order? MAKEMINEADOUBLE
Big baseball surname ALOU
Black and Valentine KARENS
Blazing AFIRE
Bubbling on the stove ABOIL
Certain Fed TMAN
Che cohort FIDEL
Cheviots and merinos OVINES
Cluster in Taurus PLEIADES
Cockney greeting ELLO
Computer buyer's concern MEMORY
Coordinated, in a way ALINED
Cotton ball applications DABS
Countryside cylinder SILO
Crackers BATS
Crime motivation HATE
Cry at an old-fashioned battle CHARGE
Cultivated REFINED
Decimal starter DUO
Difficult position HOTSEAT
Disconnected UNDID
Dozer's spot SOFA
DuPont brand LUCITE
Dye source ANIL
Dynamo's pivot STATOR
Eclipse, for one CAR
El Greco's homeland CRETE
Encouraging ROSY
Equipped à la raptors TALONED
Essential oils ATTARS
Et ___ ALII
Food fish, in scientific names SOLEA
Football Hall-of-Famer Strong KEN
Function ROLE
Glen Campbell title city WICHITA
Greek salad ingredient FETA
Guitar part NECK
Had a cone ATE
Half-witted DUMB
Headed north, by Northwest FLEWUP
Hearth goddess HESTIA
Hebrew 'beginning' ROSH
Hoopster Archibald NATE
Horse color ROAN
Implored BEGGED
Impresario STAGER
Interlaken's river AARE
It's deadly for Bardot FATALE
It's often on the house LOAN
Japanese pooches AKITAS
Kind of cozy TEA
Latin learner's verb AMAT
Leans (on) RESTS
Levels RAZES
Like some vents LOUVERED
Line of clothing INSEAM
Litmus is one kind TEST.
Litmus is one kind TEST
Make tracks FLEE
Many ages EONS
McDonald's lid? TAM
Melodious Mel TORME
Meter reading, maybe FARE
Money order? GIMMEFIVE
Moth with translucent spots on its wings LUNA
Mozart's age, when he wrote his Fifth Symphony NINE
Neighbor of the larynx TRACHEA
New York merchant Horace SAKS
Not orig. IMIT
O.T. book LEV
Old Hollywood star with a mustache AMECHE.
Old Hollywood star with a mustache AMECHE
On the main ASEA
One of the five chief cities of the Philistines GAZA
One of the Simpsons LISA
One way to buy an item ASIS
One-way transports? SLEDS
Opera opener ACTI
P.M. counterpart PRES
Pecking order? KISSMEQUICK
Pioneer in calculus EULER
Poop out TIRE
Property recipient, at law ALIENEE
Protein source TOFU
Proverbial loser QUITTER
Public image, for short REP
Pull a switch SWAP
Rare sports result TIE
Red flag ALERT
Red shade CERISE
Regards EYES
Returned MS holder SASE
Reverent PIOUS
Rooftop fixture DISH
Sagebrush State native NEVADAN
Serial killer? SNOW
Shipshape NEAT
Side order? STANDBYME
Skewer STAB
Snowfall COAT
Split RENT
Squirreled supply STASH
Strip (of) DIVEST
Stroll AMBLE
Suburbia, e.g. AREA
Suffix with computer ESE
Switch suffix EROO
Team coached by Bud Grant for 17 years VIKINGS
The wrong stuff EVIL
They hold cones RETINAE
Throw ___ (go ballistic) AFIT
Tick off INCENSE
Tree thicket COPSE
Tree with tiny red berries SUMAC
U.K. award OBE
Venture TRY
Verve ELAN
Water rompers OTTERS
Waxed GREW
Where Hawthorne wrote 'The Scarlet Letter' SALEM
Winter air NOEL
Word with drop or roll EGG
Word with while ERST
Wrestling falls PINS
___-hoo YOO
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