How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 13 2016

'For ___!' SHAME
'Hello Goodbye' to 'All You Need Is Love' on the Beatles' 'Magical Mystery Tour' album SIDETWO
'Home Invasion' rapper ICET
'Oh, give me ___ ...' AHOME
'Put a cork in it!' SHH
'Y' wearer ELI
April weather event SHOWER
Authors of fiction? PENNAMES
Bad spot for taking prom pictures ZIT
Bud in Burgundy AMI
Burn, as milk SCALD
Chiffon mishap? SHEERTEAR
City by the Wasatch Mountains OGDEN
Come together GEL
Corrosive stuff LYE
Couples' getaway? ARK
Courtier who invites Hamlet to a duel OSRIC
Currency unit, briefly ATM
D.D.E.'s predecessor HST
Dated SAW
Dined at home ATEIN
Do nothing IDLE
Don't do it TABOO
Ebb away ABATE
Elementary education ... or feature of the last words punned upon in 17-, 29-, 49- and 66-Across THREERS
Enchanting sort SORCERER
Equine nibble OAT
Expected hr. at the airport ETA
Feeling sexually aroused RANDY
First name in infamy ADOLF
Frost mixed with pebbles? ROCKYHOAR
Funny Charlotte RAE
Give a lift HOIST
Grand ___ (opera house section) TIER
Having a propensity to dig NOSY
Hermès rival GUCCI
High on hwys DUI
Home of the Imperial Palace TOKYO
Irritably sullen SURLY
It's west of the Pacific ASIA
Jettison SCRAP
Jockey strap REIN
Juice drink brand POM
Lenders' figs APRS
Loony-looking CRAZYEYED
Maestro's signal CUE
Market not to be bullish in? CHINASHOP
New England football team, informally PATS
New York's ___ Field CITI
Oil spot? MUSEUM
Old 'You're going to like us' sloganeer TWA
Old anesthetic ETHER
Org. for R.V. lovers KOA
Pair for some Winter Olympians SKIS
Pick from another's pack BUMASMOKE
Poet Lazarus EMMA
Poison used on TV's 'Breaking Bad' RICIN
Pond admired from the back porch? REARVIEWMERE
Post-operation site, for short ICU
Priest getting what's coming to him? CLERICALHEIR
PX patron NCO
Scatter SOW
Speaks volumes SAYSALOT
Studio alert ONAIR
Tats INK
That ship SHE
The Horned Frogs of the N.C.A.A TCU
The Rocksteady 7 genre SKA
Tiptop ACME
Title Mr. of literature HYDE
Try to win VIEFOR
Type of laptop-to-printer connection USB
Use in great excess ODON
Vanish, in a way GOAWOL
Villain's look SNEER
Volunteer's affirmation ISUREWILL
Wraps around the subcontinent SARIS
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