How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 07 2016

'... then again, I might be wrong' ORNOT
'Comin' ___!' ATYA
'Delphine' author Madame de ___ STAEL
'Er ... um ...' IMEAN
'God forbid!' IHOPENOT
'My Fair Lady' composer LOEWE
'The Bicycle Thief' director Vittorio DESICA
'There!' TADA
'What a tragedy!' SOSAD
'You can't make me do it!' IREFUSE
'___ Ben Adhem' ABOU
'___ Flux' (Charlize Theron film) AEON
1945 battle site, for short IWO
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
According to PER
Assess RATE
Barclays Center team NETS
Bottom of a column SUM
Bottom of the ninth, say END
Boulogne-sur-___ (city on the English Channel) MER
Brashness, informally TUDE
Burger topper BACON
Bygone online reference ENCARTA
Bypasses OMITS
Campus Greek grp SOR
Charlie Chan portrayer Warner OLAND
Childish PUERILE
City with a Penn State campus ALTOONA
Come together GEL
Concert mementos STUBS
Cousins of levees DIKES
Crib part SLAT
Damage a St. Louis team's reputation? DISCREDITCARDS
DirecTV requirement DISH
Djokovic rival NADAL
Dr. featured in 2015's 'Straight Outta Compton' DRE
Dugout figure BATBOY
Ending with idiom or axiom ATIC
Event that's taking off? SALE
Exclude, as undesirable things SCREENOUT
Experienced with USEDTO
Feature usually near readers' letters OPED
Flee in separate directions? DISBANDONTHERUN
Frosty coating RIME
Gold medalist WINNER
Harlequin exhibitions? DISPLAYSFORAFOOL
Hollywood's locale: Abbr FLA
Hybrid art technique MIXEDMEDIA
Indian flatbread NAAN
International traveler's convenience ADAPTOR
It's not busy OPENLINE
Jardin ___ Plantes (Paris botanical garden) DES
Jewel heist outcome? CAMEODISAPPEARANCE
Kind of nerve ULNAR
Kind of network NEURAL
Language that gave us 'khaki' URDU
Legendary Washington hostess MESTA
Like about half of all deliveries? FEMALE
Like the Pantheon DOMED
Like top ratings from Michelin THREESTAR
Locale for 10 Winter Olympics ALPS
Longtime senator Thurmond STROM
Lowly worker SERF
Luna's Greek counterpart SELENE
Maidenhair and others FERNS
Major in astronomy? URSA
Monroe or Taylor ACTRESS
Most NPR stations FMS
N'awlins sandwich POBOY
N.Y.U. or M.I.T SCH
Name on a Kazakh map ARAL
Neighborhood guide AREAMAP
Nevada tribe PAIUTE
New Jersey's state tree REDOAK
New York Met performance 1,000+ times AIDA
News flash BULLETIN
Nitty-gritty MEAT
Nitwit SIMP
Nursery locale HOTHOUSE
Olive ___ OYL
Ones giving the waiter a hard time? TABLEOFDISCONTENTS
Ornamental projection on some 1950s cars TAILFIN
Orthodox Jewish honorific REB
Pair for a pairs competition SKATES
Past the cutoff age TOOOLD
Person of account, informally? ADREP
Perturb RILE
Pet guinea pig food, typically PELLETS
Poet who originated the phrase 'no country for old men' YEATS
Popular typeface ARIAL
Question harshly after not allowing to practice? DISBARANDGRILL
Quick 'however' OTOH
Receive an acceptance letter GETIN
Remain undecided PEND
Resort island in the Firth of Clyde ARRAN
Result of the Queen of Scat's backup group messing up? ELLADISENCHANTED
Rubberneck STARE
Rum-soaked cakes BABAS
Sadists, e.g HURTERS
Sandwich spec ONRYE
Schnozzola PROBOSCIS
Scottish landowner LAIRD
See 73-Across EAGLE
Serengeti grazer ELAND
Settled (on) ALIT
Small talk CHAT
Smartphone feature CAMERA
Some orders with dessert DECAFS
Something easy ASNAP
Something that's charged ION
Something that's charged FEE
Southern constellation that holds the second-brightest star in the night sky CARINA
St. Patrick's Day quaff IRISHALE
Subj. of David Foster Wallace's 'The Pale King' IRS
Suffix with elephant INE
Sugar suffix OSE
Sushi order TUNAROLL
Take some time to think about SLEEPON
Teeny ITSY
Third man ABEL
Tight group CADRE
Together, musically ADUE
Track down LOCATE
U.S.M.C. member? CORPS
Vertically, to a sailor APEAK
Were now? ARE
Where King Saul consulted a witch ENDOR
William ___, longtime editor of The New Yorker SHAWN
With 74-Across, coastal flier SEA
Year that Spenser's 'The Faerie Queene' was published MDXC
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