How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 05 2019

'Four-alarm' food chili
'I'm game -- just give me the signal' readywhenyouare
'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer, 1989 cher
'Let's do it!' ... or comment on the last words of 16-, 26- and 47-Across, when said together out loud soundslikeaplan
'Thar ___ blows!' she
'Yes, Pierre' oui
'___ whiz!' gee
1914-18 conflict, for short wwi
1960s British P.M. ___ Douglas-Home alec
Airport code hidden in FUEL GAUGE lga
Assistance aid
Beach lotion letters spf
Beer-and-lemonade drink shandy
Biles of the 2016 Olympics simone
Block, as a stream damup
Body part that might be 'sympathetic' ear
Broke a fast ate
Calligraphy tool pen
Cambridge sch mit
Cape Canaveral event launch
Celtics player-turned-executive dannyainge
Cinnamony tea chai
Come before precede
Costa ___ rica
Court divider net
Dallas sch smu
Emmy-nominated Lucy liu
Flight hub for Norwegian oslo
Fly majestically soar
Get hold of obtain
Go together well mesh
Godsend boon
Grease, informally lube
Horrible person ogre
Human's closest relative ape
In quite a spot upagainstit
Iowa senator Ernst joni
Island garland lei
Kind of cord for a daredevil bungee
Laundry basketful load
Leg muscle, in sports slang hammy
Lift up hoist
Like a gut feeling instinctual
Many a C.F.O.'s degree mba
Mornings, for short ams
Naan-like Native American food frybread
On the open ocean atsea
Oreo filler creme
Org. for the Indiana Fever and the Atlanta Dream wnba
Per item each
Per item apop
Piece of a mosaic tile
Pots' partners pans
Prefix with brow uni
Pricey Apple computer imacpro
Publicity-grabbing move, maybe stunt
Pups' protests yaps
Remove, as a light bulb unscrew
Sarcastic laugh syllable har
Scot's 'not' nae
Slumbering no more awake
Smokey of R&B robinson
Snake warning hiss
Something a pedant picks nit
Something to take after a garlicky meal breathmint
Sonia Sotomayor, e.g latina
Stitch line seam
Suppress siton
Sword's name with two accents epee
The first 'O' in YOLO only
Ticked-off feeling ire
Tough H.S. science course apbio
Toy on a string yoyo
When the abolition of slavery is commemorated midjune
Yawner bore
___-ray Disc blu
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