How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 24 2007

'I know what you're thinking' claim ESP
'Nutty' role for Jerry Lewis PROFESSOR
'What was ___ do?' ITO
Actor Harris and others EDS
Airline to Ben-Gurion ELAL
Akron's home OHIO
April 15 org. IRS
Atop, poetically OER
Background check for a lender CREDITREPORT
Be a pugilist BOX
Bide one's time for AWAIT
Big name in fairy tales ANDERSEN
Bit of land in a river AIT
BlackBerry, e.g., in brief PDA
Brenda Lee's '___ Around the Christmas Tree' ROCKIN
Bruce Springsteen's first hit BORNTORUN
Bulls, rams and bucks HES
Chinese-born American architect IMPEI
Coastal inlet RIA
Cognizant (of) AWARE
Didn't go out for dinner ATEIN
Doorframe parts JAMBS
Drink that often comes with an umbrella MAITAI
Edgar Bergen's Mortimer ___ SNERD
Egyptian viper ASP
Electrical unit OHM
Eyelid woe STYE
Fe, to chemists IRON
Fence part RAIL
Floppy rabbit feature EAR
Furry foot PAW
Gift recipient DONEE
Holiday ___ INN
Hollow-stemmed plant REED
Horizontally ACROSS
Husband of Isis OSIRIS
Illustration, for short PIC
In the near future ANON
Issues an advisory WARNS
Jay-Z and Timbaland RAPPERS
Kibbles 'n ___ BITS
Killer whale ORCA
Kitchen gizmo DICER
Light hauler PICKUPTRUCK
Little ___ (tots) UNS
Long, long sentence LIFEINPRISON
Manicurists' concerns NAILS
Marvel mutant superhero XMAN
Mississippi's Trent LOTT
Musical transitions SEGUES
Nantucket, e.g.: Abbr. ISL
Nintendo brother MARIO
Norms: Abbr. STDS
Olive stuffing PIMENTO
One who's always up for a good time PARTYANIMAL
Out of bed ARISEN
Place that often has picnic tables RESTSTOP
Play's start ACTI
Prefix with -lithic NEO
President before D.D.E. HST
Questioned ASKED
Regarding this point HERETO
Sandwich bread PITA
Send again RESHIP
Sgt., e.g. NCO
Superlative suffix EST
Trim, as branches PRUNE
TV's '___ Sharkey' CPO
Unretrievable LOST
Where the Pokémon craze originated JAPAN
Word that can follow the starts of 17-, 27-, 44- and 59-Across LINE
Worker with genes or film SPLICER
___ Aviv TEL
___ of students DEAN
___ Speedwagon REO
___ Xers GEN
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