How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 25 2010

'Able was I ere I saw ___' ELBA
'Born from jets' sloganeer SAAB
'First Blood' protagonist RAMBO
'SOS' band ABBA
'___ your best behavior' BEON
Above, in Berlin UBER
Actor Sebastian CABOT
Ali ___ of 'The Arabian Nights' BABA
Babble BLAB
Baked ___ BEANS
Ball girls BELLES
Barbecue item SPARERIB
Baseball's Rusty STAUB
Basics ABCS
Bawdy BLUE
Beer places BARS
Before long, after 'in' ABIT
Bendable body part ELBOW
Beyond the city limits SUBURBAN
Big blast maker, for short ABOMB
Big name in speakers BOSE
Bodega setting BARRIO
Border on ABUT
Bougainvillea and others SHRUBS
Bovine nickname BOSSY
Brian Williams's network NBC
Bring ___ (cause) ABOUT
Buddy BUB
Capital of the former Belgian Congo BOMA
Capital SSW of Basel BERNE
Citadel, in Arabic CASBAH
Cowboy's tie BOLO
Cribs hold them BABIES
Disobedient sort REBEL
English broadcaster, with 'the' BEEB
Expanse south of Ulan Bator GOBI
Flows back EBBS
Former New York mayor Beame ABE
French bench BANC
Helps in a bank heist, say ABETS
His ___ (the boss) NIBS
Its beat may accompany a fife TABOR
Juice brand SOBE
Kebab meat LAMB
Lb. or oz., e.g. ABBR
Letters on beach lotion PABA
Life, briefly BIO
Locale of Britain's first Christian martyr STALBANS
Memphis street with many jazz clubs BEALE
Neuwirth of Broadway BEBE
Not be able to stomach ABHOR
Old stringed instrument with a narrow body REBEC
One walking comfortably AMBLER
Opposite of badly: Fr. BIEN
P.L.O. bigwig Mahmoud ABBAS
Part of an invitation to an imbiber BYOB
Pocketbooks BAGS
Priests' robes ALBS
Prohibitions BANS
Raymond's wife on 'Everybody Loves Raymond' DEBRA
Research group associated with many Nobel Prizes in Physics BELLLABS
Ribbon holder, maybe BOBBIN
Rowdies, in British slang YOBS
Scrubber BRUSH
Sent a message before fax machines, say CABLED
Setting for Umberto Eco's 'The Name of the Rose' ABBEY
Shakespeare or Browning BARD
Shipboard mop SWAB
Sitcom with the character B.J. REBA
Southern cousin of bouillabaisse GUMBO
Strikebreaker SCAB
Subsidiary route BYROAD
The Beatles' 'Eleanor ___' RIGBY
Uneven, as fabric NUBBY
When doubled, a Polynesian island BORA
___ City (Tampa neighborhood) YBOR
___ Longa, where Romulus and Remus were born ALBA
___ of bad news BEARER
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