How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 09 2017

'Get out!' SCAT
'Indubitably' YES
'The BFG' author DAHL
'___ Club' (#1 hit for 50 Cent) INDA
1992 Tim Robbins mockumentary BOBROBERTS
2004 Scarlett Johansson film adapted from 'Lady Windermere's Fan' AGOODWOMAN
A.L. East team: Abbr TOR
Abrupt, disconcerting reaction WHIPLASH
Actress Sorvino MIRA
After-dinner volunteer's words ILLDRY
Ancient theater ODEON
Apt to go Democratic BLUELEANING
Art Deco artist ERTE
Attacked HADAT
Audibly upset Belgian francophone? WAILINGWALLOON
Audiophile's collection LPS
Aussie critters ROOS
Aussie critters KOALAS
Authority SAYSO
Automaker that introduced the Rambler NASH
Baldwin offering PIANO
Beehive, for one UPDO
Belgradian, e.g SERB
Big brass TUBA
Big do GALA
Big name among radio shock jocks OPIE
Blood enemy CRIP
Blowup: Abbr ENL
Bridge shape ARCH
Bush league, for short? GOP
Calendar model PINUP
Central FOCAL
Communication system pioneered by Thomas Gallaudet, for short ASL
Condo V.I.P SUPE
Contemptible sorts SWINE
Correo ___ (words on foreign correspondence) AEREO
Decoration in a deli case? SAUSAGEFESTOON
Diaper option CLOTH
Drained of color ASHEN
Drei + fünf ACHT
DVD remote button PLAY
Ecclesiastical leader ABBOT
Eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Anton ___ OHNO
Elizabeth with the memoir 'Saving Graces' EDWARDS
Elvis ___ Presley ARON
Empty spaces VACUA
Environmental bane SMOG
ETS offering PSAT
Food thickener AGAR
Frances who played TV's Aunt Bee BAVIER
French director Clément RENE
Georgia senator who helped establish 'don't ask, don't tell' NUNN
Gets ready to do push-ups, say DROPS
Go a mile a minute RACE
Going nowhere, metaphorically DOA
Greek city where Perseus was born ARGOS
Hairy hunter of Genesis ESAU
Hand (out) DOLE
Home for Bilbo Baggins HOBBITHOLE
Horse picker's hangout, for short OTB
Hybrid bakery treats CRONUTS
Ice cream container TUB
Important positions LOCI
Indian 'masters' SAHIBS
Inspector Clouseau or Borat? MOVIEBUFFOON
Jean who played Aunt Martha in 'Arsenic and Old Lace' ADAIR
Kentucky college BEREA
Kind of boots GOGO
Like some quilt blocks PRECUT
Little lad SONNY
Marker maker CRAYOLA
Martial art whose name means 'sword way' KENDO
Melodramatic NBC hit starting in 2016 THISISUS
Middling SOSO
Most contemptible BASEST
Most important mounted cavalryman? MAINDRAGOON
Mournful work ELEGY
MSN alternative AOL
Musician in the woodwind section OBOIST
Neutral tone ECRU
One opposed ANTI
Opposite corner in a romantic triangle RIVAL
Overcome BEST
Parliamentary proceedings, e.g ACTA
Pays de ___ (Nantes's region) LALOIRE
Pitch in HELP
Product of a stable of comic strip artists? HORSEDRAWNCARTOON
Quarters : basketball :: chukkers : ___ POLO
Quick series of social media posts TWEETSTORM
Reaching new heights in ballet? ONTOE
Religious leaders IMAMS
Removes, as a sticker PEELSOFF
Rhubarb with deep roots? FEUD
Roman ___ ACLEF
Romeo or Juliet TEEN
Runs through IMPALES
Satirical depiction of the story of Noah? FLOODLAMPOON
Scaled-down woodwind? SMALLMOUTHBASSOON
See 9-Down LORAX
Setting for Cardinals home games, briefly CDT
Shine GLOW
Shopping ___ SPREE
Sign of spring BLOOM
So-called 'Butterfly Capital of Alabama' SELMA
Something seen at Frankenstein's birthday party? MONSTERSBALLOON
Son of Gloria on 'Modern Family' MANNY
Spit out SPEW
Study of the heavens: Abbr ASTR
Suffix with blast- ULA
The ladies-only Western-themed bar I own? MYGALSALOON
They can provoke knee-jerk reactions REFLEXTESTS
Time on the throne REIGN
Title opera heroine who is a Druidic high priestess NORMA
Tony who managed two World Series championships for the Cardinals LARUSSA
Train syst RWY
Tres + cinco OCHO
Two-tone treat OREO
Variety of hold 'em NOLIMIT
Vegetarian sandwich filling EGGSALAD
Villainous visage SNEER
Vivacity LIFE
Welcoming necklace LEI
West Wing worker AIDE
With 36-Across, a Dr. Seuss book THE
Woe for some 51-Acrosses ACNE
Women's club event TEA
Words after 'Sure!' WHYNOT
Work out spectacularly TURNTOGOLD
___ booster EGO
___ President MADAM
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