How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 03 2013

'Jersey Shore' nickname SNOOKI
'Right you are!' YES
'The Book of ___' (2010 film) ELI
140-characters-or-fewer messages TWEETS
1981 Burt Reynolds movie, with 'The' CANNONBALLRUN
Alfalfa or Buckwheat RASCAL
Asia's Trans ___ range ALAI
Badminton call LET
Bath gel ingredient ALOE
Beehive State tribesman UTE
Brzezinski of MSNBC MIKA
Cabinet department until 1947 WAR
Call from the flock AMEN
Cathedral area NAVE
Deg. earned by just one U.S. president MBA
Deviation from the norm ANOMALY
Deviled ___ EGG
Double-decker checker KING
Dynamite component, briefly NITRO
El Misti's range ANDES
Electoral college blowout LANDSLIDE
First-rate STELLAR
General on Chinese menus TSO
Genetic inits RNA
Gobbledygook NONSENSE
Ground crew gear RAKES
Help by confirming an alibi, say LIEFOR
Holy fish? MACKEREL
Jack of 'Dragnet' WEBB
Key opening? OSAY
Kudos, in street slang BIGUPS
Leering sort EYER
Like bachelor parties STAG
Listing in a table alphabétique NOM
Little Red Book author MAO
Lowlife SLIME
Manx cat trait NOTAIL
Mechanical 'bandit' feature ARM
Mess up ERR
Michael Stipe's band REM
Minotaur's island CRETE
Monopoly railroad BANDO
Need a bath badly REEK
No longer bothered by something USEDTOIT
Not accidental MEANT
Not fooled by ONTO
Nut with a cupule ACORN
One of a keyboard quartet ARROW
One of the DiMaggios DOM
Part of many a dish's name ALA
Place for a rim shot SNARE
Place for weapons ARSENAL
Places for priests ALTARS
Places for shots BARS
Poet's planet ORB
Predator ___ DRONE
Prima donna's problem EGOMANIA
Put the kibosh on ENDED
Put-in-Bay's lake ERIE
Queen of Soul, familiarly ARETHA
Radio's 'The Lone Ranger' and others SERIALS
Rock bottom NADIR
Shaving mishaps NICKS
Sign of bipolar disorder MOODSWING
Slant SKEW
Start of a Lincoln address FOURSCORE
Stick-to-it-iveness GRIT
Suffix with Jumbo or beta TRON
Tamboura player's music RAGA
Time to revel EVE
Tot's glassful WAWA
Totally get, in slang GROK
Tune in a D.J.'s rotation TOPTENHIT
Undercover cop, perhaps NARC
When car headlights get turned on DUSK
___ kwon do TAE
___ Solo of 'Star Wars' HAN
___-wolf SHE
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