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The Times - Concise Jul 12 2014

Ancient oared warship BIREME
Conscious act DEED
Flemish mapmaker, giving name to a projection MERCATOR
Formal theatre wear OPERAHAT
Four-faced solid TETRAHEDRON
Generosity LARGESSE
Horn's sound (T, not H) TOOT
Inuit canoe KAYAK
Leave taken with feigned illness SICKIE
Low neckline DECOLLETAGE
Midday NOON
Monstrous creature BEHEMOTH
Musical note MINIM
Principle, belief TENET
Put an end to DESTROY
Question (soldier) after a mission DEBRIEF
Relating to the effect of physical features on international relations GEOPOLITICAL
Rose petal oil OTTO
South-seeking end of a magnet NEGATIVEPOLE
Surrounded area of a different ethnicity ENCLAVE
The Windy City CHICAGO
Turning part ROTOR
(Of food) served burning FLAMBE
(Of water) coming halfway up the body WAISTDEEP
A thing bought unseen (1,3,2,1,4) APIGINAPOKE
Abnormal outgrowth EXCRESCENCE
Action of crossing TRAVERSAL
Almond-based cake covering MARZIPAN
Animating, exciting STIMULATING
Argumentative bad temper CANTANKEROUSNESS
Become greater INCREASE
Bullet casing CARTRIDGE
Burden, duty ONUS
Christmas pie filling MINCEMEAT
Collie featuring in many films LASSIE
Completely exhausted DEADBEAT
Composition with a repeating ground bass PASSACAGLIA
Facial cosmetics MAKEUP
Finnish national epic KALEVALA
Fruit and veg seller GREENGROCER
Fully in agreement UNANIMOUS
German alcoholic spirit SCHNAPPS
Gracefully thin SLENDER
Highest point APEX
Horse (in a race); bean plant RUNNER
Hovering nectar feeder HUMMINGBIRD
In the direction of the setting sun WESTWARD
Indian dress SARI
Lack of full growth UNDERDEVELOPMENT
Least old YOUNGEST
Like many model aircraft REMOTECONTROLLED
Long and difficult journey TREK
Male rider HORSEMAN
Momentous, catastrophic APOCALYPTIC
Nakedness NUDITY
One who might wire a house ELECTRICIAN
Position above all others PREEMINENCE
Practical, realistic DOWNTOEARTH
Recommended but not compulsory ADVISORY
Relating to newly married couple BRIDAL
Restore to a former position REINSTATE
Second Greek letter BETA
Severely maim MUTILATE
Single eyeglass MONOCLE
Small parrot PARAKEET
Social standing; foul-smelling RANK
Solar/lunar phenomenon ECLIPSE
Something one vehemently dislikes ANATHEMA
Spice from tree bark CINNAMON
Story with a hidden meaning ALLEGORY
Sugar-yielding plant BEET
Thoroughly soak SATURATE
Track and field sport ATHLETICS
Tusked marine mammal WALRUS
Unduly magnified EXAGGERATED
Unlucky number THIRTEEN
Using distinctive qualities to describe (something) CHARACTERISATION
Whipped dish MOUSSE
Work for two players DUET
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