How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 15 2015

"Carmina Burana" composer Carl ORFF
"Not to mention . . ." LETALONE
"___ Flux" (Charlize Theron movie) AEON
A little, in music POCO
A lot is done on roller coasters SCREAMING
Airport waiter? CAB
Artistic Chinese dynasty MING
Auctioneer's last word GONE
Beast of burden ASS
Bluesy James ETTA
Caps with pom-poms TAMS
Certain Native American HOPI
Check, as a flow STEM
Cleo's least-favorite reptile ASP
Conned GOT
Craze FAD
Deadly FATAL
Doesn't own RENTS
Downed ATE
Dublin's land EIRE
Early video game PONG
Field of expertise AREA
Flared dress ALINE
Follow ENSUE
Frat party container KEG
Get through to REACH
Halloween activity TRICKORTREATING
Halloween activity MISCHIEFMAKING
Halloween activity PUMPKINCARVING
Head lock TRESS
Heckuva big boat LINER
Hot breakfast fare FARINA
In the know about UPON
Intense feeling of love ARDOR
Lay down the law? LEGISLATE
Leave EXIT
Liquify again REMELT
Makes a horse go right GEES
Man's softer side ANIMA
Map close-up INSET
Mouse target ICON
Neural transmitter AXON
Novelist Jong ERICA
Pelvic bones ILIA
Petal perfume ATTAR
Petri dish gelatin AGAR
Picnic crashers ANTS
Pilot's announcement, briefly ETA
Pitching field? SALES
Playing marbles AGATES
Pro attachment? CESS
Provide new supplies for REFIT
Recycling goal REUSE
Right-hand page RECTO
Samsung product TVSET
Sass LIP
Sheltered, at sea ALEE
Short and sweet TERSE
Small monkey TITI
Solo of "Star Wars" HAN
Some palms SAGOS
Some plane folks (Abbr.) USAF
Texas symbol STAR
Their eyes may be all over you OGLERS
They keep cons in cans BARS
Tibetan monk LAMA
Trident feature TINE
Trojan War king PRIAM
Twilled fabric SERGE
Usher's beat AISLE
Wedge-shaped diacritical mark HACEK
What's expected NORM
With it HIP
___ gin fizz SLOE
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