How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 14 2014

"Don't go!" STAY
"Field of Dreams" setting IOWA
"I was out of town at the time," e.g ALIBI
"Stop it!" ENOUGH
"Uh-huh" YUP
About 1.3 cubic yards STERE
About birds AVIAN
Act listless MOPE
Alpine transport TBAR
Anatomical pockets SACS
Art photo shade SEPIA
Aswan, for one DAM
At one time, at one time ERST
Bar mitzvah, e.g RITE
Basic gymnastics moves CARTWHEELS
Bat's navigation aid ECHO
Bog youngster EFT
Broom alternative DUSTMOP
Brushing partner FLOSSING
Butcher's stock MEATS
Candied treat YAM
Claret or merlot REDWINE
Colorado resort VAIL
Core belief TENET
Deadens acoustically DAMPS
Depth charge target UBOAT
Disembarked ALIT
Downloadable item SONG
Drive the getaway car, e.g ABET
Dynamite inventor NOBEL
Elliptical shape OVAL
Ending for "buck" or "stink" AROO
Exotic berry in some diets ACAI
Flunking marks EFFS
Football, in most places SOCCER
Foreign currency, once LIRA
Frightfully strange EERIE
Gold diggers, in a way USERS
Having hit the hay, so to speak ABED
Hibernation hole DEN
How haunted houses are lit DIMLY
Improved's partner NEW
It can provide a good start CARBATTERY
Kiln operator FIRER
Launderer's challenge GREASE
Lounge languidly LOLL
Make-believe medications PLACEBOS
Modest poker hand PAIR
Morse message segment DAH
Mover's challenge PIANO
Obama with extra-large ears, e.g CARICATURE
One-celled creatures (var.) AMEBAE
Onetime Cardinal Slaughter ENOS
Or ___ (threat words) ELSE
Outline in detail LIMN
Parisian singer Edith PIAF
Pass opposite FAIL
Pastoral deity FAUN
Plagued by drought SERE
Plant part ROOT
Put into a cipher ENCODE
Put into a horizontal position LAIN
Satellite of Saturn TITAN
Significantly underweight THIN
Some batteries AAS
Some pets CATS
Spy org CIA
Summer time in NYC DST
The Green Giant's companion SPROUT
Turned sharply SLEWED
Typographer's fine line SERIF
Visit from the Blue Angels FLYBY
Visiting the folks AWAY
Weaving course? SLALOM
What you're trying to do SOLVE
With wings ALAR
Yemen's capital ADEN
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