How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 14 2013

"Digger" of "The Life of Riley" ODELL
"I almost forgot . . ." ALSO
1945 "Big Three" conference site YALTA
A bunch of them make a circle ARCS
Appendectomy leftover SCAR
Attribute of 16-Across and the like QUICKWITTEDNESS
Becomes inedible ROTS
Belonging to that thing ITS
Boss on a shield UMBO
Calcium-rich soil MARL
Chances ODDS
Chick's chirp PEEP
Copy machine fluid TONER
Countertenor ALTO
Down off a duck EIDER
Enter a Pillsbury contest BAKE
Exercises, as power WIELDS
Far from plentiful RARE
Farthest or highest (Abbr.) ULT
Fat-nosed antelope SAIGA
First name among shortstops DEREK
Fixed circle above a center? RIM
Fruit for New Yorkers? APPLE
Give away, as a secret BLAB
Give the nod to APPROVE
Goes up a few degrees WARMS
Guinness measure PINT
Hot dish stand TRIVET
Humpty Dumpty-shaped OVATE
In a superior position to ATOP
It swings in the mouth UVULA
It's seen briefly at the end of a list? ETC
It's slapstick material PIE
Jet stream heading EAST
Kitchen topper TOQUE
Lab gel AGAR
Largish combo OCTET
Lemon skins RINDS
Muddy up, as water ROIL
Musical passage CODA
New York's time zone EASTERN
Nickname for late-night host O'Brien COCO
Nursery rhyme threesome MICE
Olfactory property ODOR
One place to apply sunblock NAPE
Owning lots of land ACRED
Panorama VISTA
Paving stone SETT
Pet pests LICE
Place or stead LIEU
Poor reception? ALMS
Popeye-Bluto bone of contention OLIVE
Potatoes and yams, e.g TUBERS
Potter's oven KILN
Pre-deal chip ANTE
Prefix with "array" DIS
Prepares to switch? BAITS
Ran in a washing machine BLED
Schoolboy's writing exercise ESSAY
Soothing plant extract ALOE
Spooky sound CREAK
Stunt plane maneuver LOOP
Temporary currency SCRIP
The least little bit IOTA
Trading post transaction BARTER
Twosomes DYADS
Urgent questions come in this RAPIDSUCCESSION
Uttered SAID
Vote of nonsupport NAY
Western desert basins PLAYAS
What people in a hurry seek? SPEEDYDEPARTURE
Word before "comic" or "plane" PROP
___ gin fizz (bar order) SLOE
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