How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 26 2017

"Dallas" family name EWING
"Didn't I tell you?" SEE
"I ___ return!" SHALL
"Nothing but net" sound SWISH
"Now I understand" AHYES
1984 Peace Nobelist Desmond TUTU
Access All ___ (words on a pass) AREAS
Actor Rob or Chad LOWE
Altar declaration IDO
Arid expanse of Africa SAHARA
Autobiography, e.g LIFESTORY
Baseball maneuver seen primarily in the National League DOUBLESWITCH
Berry who played a Bond Girl HALLE
Beverage store bagful ICE
Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult ERIC
Canvas supporter EASEL
Celestial bear URSA
Charlotte of "Diff'rent Strokes" RAE
Claim innocence of DENY
Competitive edge INSIDETRACK
Conveyance in a shaft ELEVATORCAR
Cousins of lagers ALES
Cricket rival of Eton HARROW
Daiquiri liquor RUM
Dating site datum AGE
Declare off-limits BAN
Dressmakers' lines HEMS
Drum with two heads SNARE
Forbidden fruit site EDEN
Four of a decathlon's events RACES
Gave chase to RANAFTER
Generic dog's name SPOT
Grand ___ (Freeport's island) BAHAMA
Half a sawbuck FIN
Knock down a peg ABASE
Lead-in to "la la" OOH
Lean and muscular WIRY
Like a cold fish ALOOF
Like cappuccino, vis-a-vis a latte FOAMIER
Literary salesman Willy LOMAN
Little shaver LAD
Loose-fitting shirt CAMISE
Low-calorie Miller brew LITE
Lucy of "Kung Fu Panda" LIU
Madame Curie MARIE
Magazine for execs INC
Narcissist's love SELF
On pins and needles AGOG
One of a noted seagoing trio PINTA
Part of the psyche EGO
Passenger-wanding org TSA
Pee Wee in Cooperstown REESE
Petty of the Heartbreakers TOM
Place for a bracelet ANKLE
Point a finger at BLAME
Political hit job SMEAR
Porter who wrote of Paree COLE
Rebuke to Brutus ETTU
Round Table address SIRE
Served, as on a jury SAT
Snickering syllable HEH
Stand firm against RESIST
Starts an inning LEADSOFF
Strait of Hormuz sultanate OMAN
Surgery ctrs ORS
Tagged on a scoring attempt OUTATHOME
Tolstoy's "___ Karenina" ANNA
Tyler of "The Leftovers" LIV
Unaccompanied, at a party STAG
Wanting it all GREEDY
Whodunit element CLUE
Wight or Man ISLE
Word after civic or jury DUTY
Worm-___ (decrepit) EATEN
___ blocker (heart medication) BETA
___ rock (Hendrix genre) ACID
___ vapeur (steamed) ALA
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