How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 20 2019

'Death Wish' director Roth eli
'Didn't know that!' gee
'Easter, 1916' poet W.B yeats
'Planet of the Apes' captive human
1960s-70s arena, briefly nam
2014 Winter Olympics site sochi
28-Down selection hue
An aunt of Bart Simpson selma
Apart from others alone
Base farthest from home second
Become a pensioner retire
Becomes 45-Down, perhaps gains
Bisque morsel clam
Bitter ___ (purgative) aloes
Blender sound whir
Blond queen in 'Frozen' elsa
Booster seat user kid
Brat's kick target shin
Carpenter's gun projectile nail
Causing shudders scary
Central spot midst
Command after 'Ready!' aim
Cool down like a dog pant
Dam across the Nile aswan
Digits in teenagers' ages ones
Does a checkout task scans
Don a tuxedo, say dressup
Don't waste use
Driving-into-the-sun hazard glare
Easily carried portable
First biblical birth cain
Fundraising bash charityball
Gave consent saidyes
Glass fragment shard
Graph paper pattern grid
Gunslinger's skill fastdraw
Harder to outfox slier
Health org. since 1847 ama
Hook with a handle gaff
Horse show concern gait
Howe who sued Isaac Singer elias
It may be laid down law
Jellied or smoked fish eel
Leave the sack getup
Like pasta or potatoes starchy
Like Rodeo Drive shops posh
Moody music genre emo
Most prone to prying nosiest
Musk on a Forbes list elon
Necklace dangler pendant
Nestle ___-Caps sno
Neurologist's test, briefly eeg
Pain relief injection nerveblock
Peter who's secretly Spider-Man parker
Playroom items toys
Pledged group, for short frat
Price per pound, e.g unitcost
Question of quantity howmany
Raspy-voiced Stewart rod
React to novocaine gonumb
Removes from harm's way saves
Risque burlesque act fandance
Roll of fabric bolt
Sack out sleep
Seemingly forever noend
Sets of twins, informally sibs
Singer with Duke and Count ella
Sought permission asked
Spectrum display colorwheel
Tennis great on a postage stamp ashe
Triangular military formation flyingwedge
Unhealthily heavy obese
View with hatred abhor
Whole bunch slew
Words of concession ilost
World Court city, with 'The' hague
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