How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 14 2004

"End of the Century" rockers RAMONES
"Family Ties" mother ELYSE
"National Velvet" author Bagnold ENID
"Start talkin'!" ITSYOURDIME
"Watermark" chanteuse ENYA
Alternative to .com or .net ORG
Carry-___ (some luggage) ONS
Clarinet's kin OBOE
Common connector AND
Contests in the ring BOUTS
Devonshire city EXETER
Eccentric one WEIRDO
Entertainment system component VCR
Extreme severity RIGOR
Faithful or reliable word OLD
Fax machine button SEND
Field measure ACRE
First word of many a title THE
German interjection ACH
Green light ASSENT
Greenwich ghost SPECTRE
Harding's successor COOLIDGE
Harvests REAPS
Hosiery threads LISLES
In ___ (as found) SITU
Isn't required to NEEDNOT
It could be stuffed OLIVE
It increases one's chances of growth? ROGAINE
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g. STE
Kind of wt. AVOIR
Labrador air base GOOSEBAY
Lease subject RENT
Long-gone birds DODOS
Mideast gulf OMAN
More high-minded NOBLER
More sunburnt REDDER
Naval petty officer YEOMAN
Norwegian rug RYA
Occupiers of the throne RULERS
Old salt SEADOG
One in the red DEBTOR
Put a new handle on? RENAME
Reach the breaking point SNAP
Recipe amt. TSP
Returning traveler's words ITSGOODTOBEHOME
Rubbernecks STARES
Scientology founder Hubbard LRON
Sequentially INTURN
Serious STAID
Sheer fabric TOILE
Short haircut BOB
Shred, as cheese GRATE
Shrews NAGS
Sidled EDGED
Smithies' blocks ANVILS
Some casual wear CHINOS
Steak and lobster, e.g. ENTREES
Sweet-talk COAX
Talk of Toledo ESPANOL
They're at their best when boring BITS
Unearthed (with "up") DREDGED
Washington follower ADAMS
Wife of Napoleon III EUGENIE
With "Way," an ancient Roman road APPIAN
Word with parking or odd LOT
___ E. Coyote WILE
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