How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 07 2019

'. . . and Tyler ___' too
'Charleston Rag' composer Blake eubie
'Ode to a Nightingale' writer keats
'Spirit board' ouija
'Ta-ta!' ciao
'Westworld' network hbo
2017 award for Matthew Broderick obie
2018 movie with 10 Oscar nominations roma
55-Across, e.g bash
Act the worrywart stew
Appetite whetter, perhaps aroma
Applies bath powder to talcs
Aquarium beauty tetra
Barley, in brewing malt
Baseboard molding, often woodtrim
Beer or wine 'expert' snob
Bit of salon litter tress
Bit of silliness antic
Bit with a nucleus atom
Blue Angels squadron unit jet
Brownish-gray shade taupe
Call one's own have
Canine, e.g tooth
Catches, so to speak sees
Chamber music woodwind oboe
Change, as crossword clues edit
Chose, with 'for' opted
Country or 5-Across genre
Daisy family members asters
Denomination offshoot sect
Disney World transport shuttlebus
Elected pols ins
Fault follower, in tennis secondserve
Frat kegger beerbust
Frightens, as a horse spooks
Give the cold shoulder to shun
Greek column style doric
Gym shirt tee
Hammered-out flaw dent
Hefty horn tuba
Hustle music disco
Intelligent mollusks octopi
It's undeniable fact
Jason of the PGA day
Letter before Foxtrot echo
Local government center countyseat
Market surplus glut
Mary Quant skirt mini
Mating game? chess
Meaty doggie bag treat tbone
Musk of Tesla elon
Performer's jar insert tip
Pin-up Hayworth rita
Potions professor at Hogwarts snape
Pours water on douses
Promenade trees elms
Reason to use Glade odor
Rich dessert, to a dieter nono
Rights org. since 1920 aclu
Rude dude cad
Sandwich Islands explorer captaincook
Sets a price of asks
Sharpen, as skills hone
Shelled veggie pea
Stick out protrude
Symbol of stubbornness mule
Tends to the sauce stirs
Traditional kimono fabric silk
Unkempt sorts slobs
Up to the task able
Verne voyager Phileas fogg
Wearing brogans, say shod
Wheels on loan rentacar
Wikipedia's lack ads
Wind down abate
Windshield stick-on decal
Work on dough knead
Wyatt of the Old West earp
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