How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 24 2017

"Battling Bella" of 1970s politics ABZUG
"Gee, that's swell!" NEATO
"Not so fast!" WHOATHERE
"Roots" author Haley ALEX
1976 KISS hit with orchestra backing BETH
3-Down portion CHOP
Abrupt turns ZAGS
Admit openly AVOW
An Andean condor's may exceed 10 feet WINGSPAN
Apple tablet IPAD
Approach, as for a loan HITUP
Backyard barrier FENCE
Baylor University city WACO
Be remorseful about RUE
Beyond repair SHOT
Brewery name on an MLB stadium COORS
Bubbly beverage COLA
Checkroom item COATHANGER
Comes within reach NEARS
Cools one's heels WAITS
Did some logging SAWED
Dinette set item CHAIR
Early automaker Ransom E OLDS
Fighting tooth and nail ATIT
Fuji outflow LAVA
Gives a heads-up to ALERTS
Gives approval to BLESSES
Golden Rule word UNTO
Guy pals, slangily BROS
Hairpin turns, e.g BENDS
Hardworking Aesopian character ANT
Having great courage PLUCKY
Hurricane Sandy recovery org FEMA
Intel-gathering mission RECON
It may have sidewalk seating CAFE
It's between batter's boxes PLATE
It's bid "arrivederci" in song ROMA
It's verboten to vegans MEAT
Jellyfish attack STING
King Kong's kin GORILLAS
Lawn-Boy's parent TORO
Leaves the stage EXITS
Lightbulb measures WATTS
Like a watch with hands ANALOG
Like comedy that pushes the envelope EDGY
Lion, Tiger or Bear PROATHLETE
Major effect IMPACT
Many big band instruments HORNS
Marx with a Tyrolean hat CHICO
Name on a rap sheet ALIAS
O. Henry twist IRONY
Octopus's octet ARMS
Off one's rocker LOCO
On a grand scale EPIC
Osso buco need VEAL
Paparazzi's prizes PHOTOS
Persona non grata, to a striker SCAB
Place to use Easy-Off OVEN
Pooh's feathered friend OWL
Position in a hierarchy RANK
Promise "kept" by 17-, 31-, 39- and 55-Across OATH
Ready for strumming STRUNG
Recreational sailor's auto attachment BOATHITCH
Refuse to grant DENY
Salt Lake City collegian UTE
Send out EMIT
Sign of summer LEO
Skirt style in "Austin Powers" movies MINI
Sleeps under the stars CAMPS
Spritzer ingredient SODA
Stick with a pin, say BURST
Telecast signal component AUDIO
Town on the Thames ETON
Two-toed or three-toed slowpoke SLOTH
Voter's enclosure BOOTH
What Elmer Fudd did to "wabbits" HUNT
Wind-up watch parts SPRINGS
___ Four (the Beatles) FAB
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