How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 30 2014

"Let's not forget . . ." ALSO
"Merrily We Roll ___" ALONG
"What's the big ___?" IDEA
"___ all been there" WEVE
Acts excessively EMOTES
Admonish CHIDE
Agra garment SARI
And others (Latin) ETAL
Apple's leftover CORE
Applies rickrack to EDGES
Appointment book abbr MON
Bit of late-night entertainment MIDNIGHTMATINEE
Brownish shade ECRU
Building with stacked roofs PAGODA
Bulldoze RAZE
Burrito filling BEEF
Cameo shape OVAL
Campus building DORM
Carrel furniture DESK
Certain sword EPEE
Chain of life? DNA
Chopped down AXED
Comfortably informal HOMEY
Confess openly AVOW
Court judgment DECREE
Data, for short INFO
Difficult duty ONUS
Disco light STROBE
Doodle remover ERASER
Environmentally destructive pesticide DDT
Fairway warning FORE
Feels achy AILS
Gas light NEON
Geological time EON
Greatly impressed AWED
Greek lyric poem EPODE
Head support NECK
Homeless lad GAMIN
Invest, as with a quality ENDUE
Kauai porch LANAI
Knowing, as a secret INON
Land parcels LOTS
Like Albee's Alice TINY
Live and breathe EXIST
Magazine installment ISSUE
Mantra chanter LAMA
Mosque leaders IMAMS
Mtn ___ (some soft drinks) DEWS
Obsessed by INTO
Of the ear OTIC
On this very spot HERE
One of two equal parts MOIETY
Pompous step STRUT
Positive terminal ANODE
Post-wedding title MRS
Precious strings maker AMATI
Pulverize potatoes MASH
Refuse to release KEEP
Say no to VETO
Set boundaries LIMIT
Snake charmee? EVE
Some spots before your eyes? ADS
Super-fancy jug EWER
Take one's breath away AMAZE
The last one's a backbreaker STRAW
They could be in your favor ODDS
Those people's THEIR
Times to write about ERAS
Tintern or Westminster ABBEY
Trial's location VENUE
TV series precursor PILOT
Typeface detail SERIF
Units of Iranian currency RIALS
Water source WELL
___ out (barely makes) EKES
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