How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 19 2007

''Don't touch!'' editorially STET
''Oh __ and Radiant Heart'' (Millet) PURE
''Paradise Lost'' angel URIEL
''The Bathers'' painter RENOIR
''Waiting for the Robert ___'' ELEE
''___ Orders'' by Marie Corelli HOLY
''___ the Wild Wind'' (DeMille movie) REAP
''___ you don't!'' OHNO
'80s sitcom with Deacon Frye AMEN
And more, briefly ETC
Applications for windows TINTS
Approves, briefly OKS
Assayer's raw material ORE
Astounded AGOG
Aurora automaker, briefly OLDS
Bean found in the MAIL? LIMA
Bed cover SPREAD
Biblical queen's land SHEBA
Bit the pullet? ATE
Buttons with an Oscar RED
Carpentry class SHOP
Carry TOTE
Change for the better AMEND
Chemical salt IODATE
Church halls NAVES
Circuit rider ITINERANT
Civil punishments FINES
Classic '60s sitcom or '90s film DENNISTHEMENACE
Classic film of 1954 ONTHEWATERFRONT
Classic hit show set in Springfield FATHERKNOWSBEST
Classic sitcom that jumped from CBS to ABC LEAVEITTOBEAVER
Code word? GENETIC
Commands right GEES
Consignee's hope RESALE
Cookie jar theft RAID
Cpls., once PFCS
Crops, as a snapshot SNIPS
Current status ACDC
Dermal dilemma ACNE
Dizzy's jazz style BOP
Do likewise APE
Drunk as a skunk OILED
Endure in SALT? LAST
Exercise judgment DEEM
Exploration org. since 1958 NASA
Film classic of 1939 GONEWITHTHEWIND
Film classic of 1965 THESOUNDOFMUSIC
Financial support AID
Finish in the DEN? END
Footholds? ANKLES
Forming a continuous series of holes POROSE
Fraternity letter ETA
Give the impression SEEM
Gobi and Kalahari DESERTS
Gordie of NHL fame HOWE
Gourmand's delight EATING
Group protest participant RIOTER
Heavy lifter CRANE
Henry VIII, for one TUDOR
Honoraria FEES
House-to-house offering, at times NOEL
How Ho said ''hi'' ALOHA
Hypnotic condition TRANCE
In 24 hours TOMORROW
India's Jawaharlal NEHRU
It has a negative charge ANION
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Jipijapa hat PANAMA
Jutland native DANE
Kind of colony PENAL
Least gradual STEEPEST
Light blade EPEE
Like many nuts SALTED
Like some details? GORY
Maneuvering room SPACE
Mannheim missus FRAU
Marriages may change some NAMES
Measure (out) METE
Mel's Diner waitress VERA
Men-goats of myth FAUNS
Met expectations? OPERAS
Mild, yellow cheese EDAM
Miles away AFAR
Mineral spring with an ASP in it? SPA
Mixed-up PETS? PEST
Mobile homes? TENTS
Most hackneyed TRITEST
Music genre RAP
Nancy Drew author Carolyn KEENE
Nest-egg builder, briefly IRA
New Hampshire state flower LILAC
Not optional NEEDED
Notable seashore merchant SHE
One wanting something for nothing BEGGAR
Only partner? ONE
Opposite of ''paleo'' NEO
Oscar winner Kingsley BEN
Oscar-winning Marisa TOMEI
Ostrichlike bird EMU
Parlor piece DIVAN
Penultimate fairy tale word EVER
Perfumer compound ESTER
Peter who played Lawrence OTOOLE
Petty quarrels TIFFS
Picks OPTS
Pipe cleaners REAMERS
Place for a run HOSE
Plus TOO
Protect, as in glass ENCASE
Puget Sound whale ORCA
Punny answer to ''Why are birds so noisy?'' CAWS
Quagmire FEN
Reduces to junk TOTALS
Rex's stout detective NERO
Robert of ''Jaws'' SHAW
Sawbones' gp. AMA
Sieve feature HOLES
Sin city? SODOM
Sleeper's concern APNEA
Sound that's coming back? ECHO
Speller's phrase ASIN
Standing tall ERECT
State military volunteers GUARDSMEN
Suspension of breathing APNEA
Tea addition ICE
They may accompany pains ACHES
Throws down the gauntlet DARES
Tiny hill dwellers ANTS
Tolerant Latvian? LETT
Tolerate ABIDE
Tough-guy actor ___ Ray ALDO
Troy, N.Y. college RPI
Trumpet man Al HIRT
Tunnel builder ANT
Turner on a radio KNOB
Two of a kind SET
Type of phone SLIMLINE
U.A.E. members EMIRATES
Warm weather wear MINI
Was in theaters RAN
Wear down ERODE
White House monogram, 1953-61 DDE
Without qualification (Var.) ARRANT
Woman of the good night? IRENE
World map dominator ASIA
Ye-Shoppe go-between OLDE
___ mater ALMA
___ out (barely got) EKED
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