How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 16 2019

'A likely story!' ibet
'A ___ coincidence!' mere
'Breathe Again' singer Braxton toni
'Have some!' tryit
'I did it!' tada
'L'Orfeo' or 'Otello' opera
'My gal' of song sal
61-Downs, on calendars weeks
Asylum seeker, perhaps emigre
Avoided a bogey madepar
Beat by one run, say edge
Big name in printers epson
Blow a gasket erupt
BLT spread mayo
Bottleneck cause, often merge
Bowie's last stand alamo
Brickell who's married to Paul Simon edie
Caffeine-rich seed kolanut
Code of belief tenet
Column crosser row
Company car, e.g perk
Couple's pronoun ours
Cub Scout unit den
Dixieland band horns tubas
Do-it-yourself buys kits
Dreaded financial review audit
Driving range prop tee
Ended up on top won
Family gal sis
Ford F-150 competitor ram
Fortified red wine port
Fruit in fruit bars fig
Funding sources for Medicare payrolltaxes
Get decked out dress
Gets the gist of sees
Gig components sets
Give off, as charm exude
Highlands pattern argyle
Impose, as a fine levy
It sheds its antlers yearly moose
Jim Davis canine odie
Laudatory lines ode
Libraries do it lend
Like a boring speech, seemingly endless
Mangy mutts curs
Michelin products radialtires
Military battlewear armyfatigues
Moral missteps sins
Moviedom's Dr. Zaius, e.g ape
One of Yalta's 'Big Three' stalin
Paranormal skill, briefly esp
Played for a fool used
Posted a Yelp review rated
Prefix in skin care brands derma
Prison guard, slangily screw
Rainfall runoff facilitators stormdrains
Reuben bread rye
Rideshare company with a 2019 IPO uber
Risk taker's challenge dareme
Sci-fi movie extras ets
Scrub, at NASA abort
Seagoing forces armadas
Slender woodwind oboe
Some cone bearers firs
Stuff in dust bunnies lint
Swedish tennis great Bjorn borg
Symbol on a staff clef
Three-time award for Berra, for short mvp
Tina Turner's ex ike
Trojan War epic iliad
Uses a pattern traces
Ushered from the door ledin
Weightlifter's maneuver press
West with over 20 Grammys kanye
Wetlands plant sedge
What 'sassiness' has a lot of esses
Winter cap attachment earlap
Word after box or bucket seat
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