How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 01 2019

'Frozen' prince hans
'Talking to me?' huh
Angry Orchard offering hardcider
Ankle-length attire maxi
Arterial implant stent
Bankable actor star
Bollywood score tune raga
Bronze medalist's place third
Bush 43, to Bush 41 son
Cantaloupe coverings rinds
Century 21 competitor era
Chisholm Trail Expo Center city enid
Comics dog with two black spots odie
Dance with an audible rhythm tap
Deadly sins, e.g septet
Doggedly determined deadset
Easily bullied timid
Explosive stick tnt
Footnote abbr etal
Force from one's homeland exile
Gave a nuzzling to nosed
Go splitsville endit
Gum with an Arctic Chill flavor dentyne
Guys, informally dudes
Hardware store buy tool
Haunted-sounding lake erie
Homer's neighbor ned
Hopping mad irate
Innocent-looking doeeyed
Irishman or Scotsman celt
Jabs, from most boxers lefts
Leica competitor nikon
Like Mr. Hyde evil
Like pelicans and penguins avian
Manning at MetLife Stadium eli
More sunburned redder
Mouth the words lipsync
Movie unit, once reel
Netflix viewing option ipad
News team's vehicle van
Olympics invitees nations
Parking garage division level
Pays a casual call dropsin
Pigeon's extinct relative dodo
Put forth firmly aver
Put on hold defer
Receive at the door greet
Reply to 'Who wants ice cream?' ido
Revoke legally annul
Romantic hideaway lovenest
Room with rafters attic
Shakespeare's 'Woe!' alas
Sharp as a marble dim
Shipping shortcut since 1914 panamacanal
Showed 'Seinfeld,' say reran
Shower gel additive aloe
Sign of a sore throat rasp
Slopping the hogs, e.g chore
Soc. Sec. supplements iras
Speaker of the House, e.g partyleader
Stalactite's place cave
Texter's device phone
They're no short stories sagas
Tractor pioneer deere
Trained a hose on watered
TV signal component audio
Unofficial vote strawpoll
Voicemail signal tone
Wedge served with seafood lemon
Whom voters 'liked' ike
Winter cause of power outages icestorm
Word after greater or lesser than
Worked for Lyft drove
Writer of tributes odist
Yielded, as to a demand acceded
Yuletide mugful nog
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