How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 13 2016

"1,000 Oceans" singer Tori AMOS
"And now . . ." sayer EMCEE
"Desperate Housewives" role BREE
"Like that'll ever happen" ASIF
"Red" opening INFRA
"The ___ have it" AYES
"Well, ___ be!" ILL
"___ before beauty" AGE
"___ the night before Christmas . . ." TWAS
"___ Tu" (1974 hit) ERES
10,000 square meters HECTARE
Allegro ___ (music direction) ASSAI
Angelic circle HALO
Ballpark figure VENDOR
Barely squeaks by (with "out") EKES
Beat back REPULSE
Caesar's rebuke to Brutus ETTU
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Capri coin, once LIRA
Car dealer's success SALE
Casino card game FARO
Claudius' successor NERO
Color of ripe corn MAIZE
Comparatively modern NEWER
Component of Saturn's rings ICE
Concern of the Fed ECON
Constricting snake BOA
Contract add-ons RIDERS
Craggy prominence TOR
Dedicated poems ODES
Drove like mad TORE
English port west of Bournemouth POOLE
First appearance ONSET
Fix in advance RIG
Flat-topped flower cluster CORYMB
Folded French breakfast dish CREPE
From the heart EARNEST
Geisha's sashes OBIS
Gumbo pods OKRAS
Hole-making tool AWL
Intense enthusiasm MANIA
Ironic quip (Part 1) BIRDSOFAFEATHER
Ironic quip (Part 2) FLOCKTO
Ironic quip (Part 3) ANEWLYWASHEDCAR
Like first and second ORDINAL
Like the Sahara SERE
Maximum (Abbr.) ULT
Move for 7-Down COIL
Murders, mob-style OFFS
Numerous moon missions APOLLOS
One should be on your car INSURANCEPOLICY
Onetime German chancellor KOHL
Overhead storage spot ATTIC
Overimbiber WINO
Parrot's beak part CERE
Princess Leia's last name ORGANA
RAM units MEGS
Receptacle for holy water FONT
Seaside flock ERNES
Smoking while pumping gas, e.g NONO
Snail's trail SLIME
Source of rings ONION
Takes the tiller STEERS
The last of 26 ZEE
They're formed with two fingers VEES
To be, in old Rome ESSE
Totally attentive ALLEARS
Trumpeter Armstrong LOUIS
Uno plus dos TRES
Unwelcome one PARIAH
Use leather on a diamond FIELD
Vicuna relative LLAMA
Weightlifter's rep CURL
Whence Goya's duchess came ALBA
Wife of Sir Geraint ENID
___ Antonio, Texas SAN
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