How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 01 2012

"20 Questions" category ANIMAL
"Cheers" actress Perlman RHEA
"Desert Fox" Rommel ERWIN
"Ear" anagram ARE
"Let's call it a ___" DAY
"The Father of India" GANDHI
A beanball might lead to one MELEE
Addictive drug OPIATE
Apartments, in real estate talk UNITS
As well as AND
Bearded animals GNUS
Becomes inedible, in a way ROTS
Boat's backbone KEEL
Breastbones STERNA
Busybodies YENTAS
Byte fractions BITS
City east of Kobe OSAKA
College VIP PROF
Cotton thread LISLE
Deer family members ELKS
Deliver, hen-style LAY
DeMille specialties EPICS
Displeased expression MOUE
Draw back in pain WINCE
Earlier AGO
Early afternoon ONE
Easily victimized type SCHNOOK
Engage in a summer sport WATERSKI
Engage in, as war WAGE
Enterprise enterprise TREK
Expensive fur ERMINE
Final parts TAILENDS
Flowerless plant FERN
Funds coming in REVENUE
Funny-bone neighbor ULNA
Goes ___ (deteriorates) TOPOT
Having all the money one needs SET
In need of repair OUTOFCOMMISSION
League with Dartmouth and Cornell IVY
Like business at a prosperous company BOOMING
Medicine man, hopefully CURER
Minuscule amount IOTA
Missouri tributary PLATTE
More chi-chi TONIER
Needing replacement parts INDISREPAIR
Number of years between U.S. censuses TEN
Numbered composition OPUS
Observer of Yom Kippur JEW
One of the Simpsons LISA
One with blocks in his chest TOT
Overseas currency unit EURO
Pamplona charger TORO
Place for a plug OUTLET
Place to swim POOL
Playful mammal OTTER
Rollick or frolic ROMP
Scottish monster's loch NESS
Shade of red PUCE
Shallow bay LAGOON
Shopper's delight SALE
Ski lift TBAR
Some keep it secret AGE
Some unauthorized withdrawals? HEISTS
Suddenly broken GONEHAYWIRE
Summer oppressiveness HEAT
Tadpole cousins EFTS
Timeline portion ERA
Toper SOT
Verb for a historian WAS
Wake up AROUSE
Wear, as clothing DON
Winged god of love EROS
Word of assent YES
Worst possible greeting at an airport? HIJACK
Yellow spread OLEO
You make it with your eyes closed WISH
___ and outs INS
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