How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 15 2003

"Hast thou ___ the Jabberwock?" SLAIN
"La Comidie Humaine" author BALZAC
"Otherwise ..." IFNOT
"The Way" of Chinese religion TAO
"You bet!" YES
"You'd better sit down for this!" BRACEYOURSELF
1986 pennant winner METS
78-card deck TAROT
Absorbed, as an expense ATE
Actor Milland RAY
African snakes ASPS
Annoy IRK
Architectural add-on ELL
Bay State cape ANN
Become lumpy CURDLE
Bushed WEARY
Citizen of Hollywood KANE
Clean up, as a computer program DEBUG
Clean with a vengeance SCRUB
Collar NAB
Commission FEE
Conscious mind EGO
Constellation member STAR
Convenience store partners FILLINGSTATIONS
Cuban dance RUMBA
Doctor's orders DOSES
Downhill course SKIRUN
Drum contribution BEAT
Ehud's successor in Israel ARIEL
Enthusiasts BUFFS
Essentials NEEDS
Expanse AREA
Fails to retain LOSES
Fit, but just barely EDGEIN
Get more baskets than OUTSCORE
Give a hard time RAG
Hall of Fame manager Weaver EARL
Hat with a crown FEDORA
Horse painter Franz MARC
Hunk's date BABE
India and Australia, once CROWNCOLONIES
Invertebrate with three hearts OCTOPUS
Islamic republic IRAN
It might be a minute STEAK
Kiddie TYKE
Legal reprieve STAY
Like crossword puzzle entries CLUED
Lion's trademark MANE
Literary style GENRE
Mickey and Minnie MICE
Morse code "e" DOT
Mortarboard CAP
Mouthed off RANTED
OT book PSA
PBS relative NPR
Petri dish mixture AGAR
Planets, e.g. ORBS
Play the odds BET
Pleasurable FUN
Plummet DROP
Profs, usually PHDS
River to the Caspian URAL
RNs' co-workers MDS
Saudi Arabia neighbor OMAN
Selector of Salt Lake City, UT IOC
Serves up the brewskis TENDS
Small quarrel SPAT
Soak up some sun BASK
Some desktop clutter MEMOS
Spiny plants ALOES
Splinter group SECT
Step on it RUSH
Support for glasses BRIDGEOFTHENOSE
Turkish topper FEZ
Underground tunneler MOLE
Way around the law LOOPHOLE
Work up to a canter TROT
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