How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 30 2011

". . . that nobody can ___" DENY
". . . to say the ___" LEAST
"A Cooking Egg" poet ELIOT
"Awaiting your reply" OVER
"Away in a Manger," for one NOEL
"Calm down!" RELAX
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Fear of Flying" writer Jong ERICA
"Jazz" novelist Morrison TONI
"No," to Sir Walter Scott NAE
"The Life of Riley" character "Digger" ___ ODELL
"The Scream" evocation ANGST
"Why ___ I think of that?" DIDNT
"___ circumstances beyond . . ." DUETO
43-Across in Australia BOYO
88 make, for short OLDS
A bit of superiority EDGE
A schussboomer uses them SKIS
A slave, not waves SERF
Abbr. akin to etc. ETAL
Actor's remark to the audience ASIDE
Affront, in slang DIS
Alaska was his "folly" SEWARD
Alternative to a station wagon or convertible SEDAN
Ancient marketplace AGORA
Applied frosting ICED
Balance on the brink TEETER
Bard's inspiration ERATO
Be extremely fond of ADORE
Became worn away ERODED
Biological bristles SETAE
Bones in forearms ULNAE
Brooklyn's ___ Institute PRATT
Bygone leaders TSARS
Came home on one's backside SLID
Cattle rancher's tool PROD
Caustic in speech SHARPTONGUED
Chariots of hire? CABS
Cocoon occupants PUPAE
Desert descriptor ARID
English horn relative OBOE
Extract metal from SMELT
Goes over EXCEEDS
Hair protectors SNOODS
Having a certain learning disorder (Var.) DYSLECTIC
Heroic narrative EPIC
Ipanema city RIO
It takes two to do it TANGO
It's thrown into baskets WASTE
Maine land USA
Medieval stringed instrument REBEC
Nameless scoundrel SOANDSO
Narrow apartment RAILROADFLAT
Network of veins, e.g. RETE
Newest member of the force ROOKIE
Novelist Ephron DELIA
Of concern to beekeepers APIAN
Overwhelming rush SPATE
Parcel (with "out") METE
Pond croaker TOAD
Potter's purchase CLAY
Pueblo Indian structures KIVAS
Retail giant SEARS
Sanskrit or Hindi, e.g. INDIC
Scorpion attack STING
Show piece? ACT
Some circus performers STRONGMEN
Thriller author Deighton LEN
Ultimate "Survivor" winner? CBS
Urgent prompting BEHEST
Variety of plum GAGE
Warm-hearted NICE
What this puzzle is about MUSICALNOTATION
Worn-out horse NAG
Yalie ELI
Young chap LAD
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