How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 04 2005

''The Natural'' author's defender? MALAMUDGUARD
Avert the eyes LOOKAWAY
Batter Williams TED
Bette Midler musical GYPSY
Big fusses ADOS
Binge JAG
Brit's ubiquitous tote UMBRELLA
Candles' representation AGE
Cholesterol watcher's no-no LARD
Clothing retailer with a catalog JCREW
Cote calls BAAS
Cubbyholes NICHES
Dahl character with a factory WONKA
Deafening sound ROAR
Discoverer's interjection AHA
E.M. Forster novel HOWARDSEND
Epeeist's thrust LUNGE
Exam judged by a committee ORAL
Feature of a lunar landscape MONS
Former Atl. crosser SST
Gold discovery worth peanuts? PAYDIRTCHEAP
Half a couple MRS
Hosp. patient's need TLC
Increasingly rare office job STENO
It's on the agenda ITEM
Lampshade supporter HARP
Long-eared equines ASSES
Lusitania's undoing UBOAT
Make imperfect MAR
Manhandle MAUL
Megahit by Johnnie Ray CRY
More than ''hmmm!'' GOSH
Mosquitolike insect MIDGE
Mother of Apollo LETO
Negative types ANTIS
Oklahoma tribe member OTOE
One might take classes to manage it ANGER
Part of an epic movie cast THOUSAND
Pinched STOLE
Piquant SPICY
Poem of praise ODE
Popular campground letters KOA
Prefix meaning ''sun'' HELIO
Pres. Bush's role as head of the armed forces CIC
Price venues OPERAS
Put below decks STOW
Quickly seal in the juices SEAR
Rappeller's obstacle CRAG
Ready to serve, as ale ONTAP
Revels in comfort or warmth BASKS
Run rampant RIOT
Serious about INTO
Size opposite of petite PLUS
Some woodworkers' tools JOINTERS
Sophocles' forte DRAMA
Sports venue ARENA
Stock holders PENS
Subject of ''A Beautiful Mind'' NASH
Sun features SPOTS
Syrup for pecan pie, perhaps KARO
Take care of SEETO
Thanksgiving dinner focus, informally BIRD
That skiff SHE
Thingamabob (Var.) GISMO
Unit in a gym workout REP
Vaudevillian Eddie FOY
Vladimir Guerrero's book cover? ANGELDUSTJACKET
Voice below soprano ALTO
Walked the earth WAS
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show category BREED
Words with ''in the same'' ALLONE
WWW intro HTTP
___ the run (dine hastily) EATON
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