How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Mar 17 2011

'Dried-up, shrivelled (4)' SERE
'Gruyere, Brie etc. (7)' CHEESES
'Makes disappear, a doubt say (7)' DISPELS
'Move sideways, furtively perhaps (5)' SIDLE
'Sparing, economical (6)' FRUGAL
Balanced or self-assured POISED
Black marine bivalve MUSSEL
Box for jewellery or ashes CASKET
Care taken to avoid danger CAUTION
Caretaker or doorkeeper JANITOR
Condiment made from fruit or vegetables CHUTNEY
Counter to measure radiation GEIGER
Defect or flaw BLEMISH
Dump waste illegally FLYTIP
Evil spirit DEMON
Floating leaf of a lily PAD
Gas vapours FUMES
Increase twofold DOUBLE
Indian princes RAJAHS
It's used to make glass SAND
Large cup without a saucer MUG
Long bone in the arm ULNA
Make certain ENSURE
Muslim religious journey to Mecca HADJ
Oblong cream puff ECLAIR
Obtains through intimidation EXTORTS
Of data expressed as a series of 0 and 1 DIGITAL
Pastry crust with filling PIE
Persuade by flattering CAJOLE
Punctuate part of the large intestine COLON
Rapid streams of liquid or gas JETS
Shallow basket for garden produce TRUG
Showing a very keen interest in something AVID
Silvery white metal TIN
Slowly moving mass of ice GLACIER
Strong alcoholic spirit BRANDY
Substance to curdle milk RENNET
Summon with a gesture BECKON
The back of the neck SCRUFF
The least possible MINIMUM
Travel upwards ASCEND
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