How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Jul 20 2012

'Criminy!' EGAD
'Wynken, Blynken, and ___' (Eugene Field poem) NOD
'___ moi, le déluge' APRES
'___ we came forth to rebehold the stars' (last line of Dante's 'Inferno') THENCE
32-card game SKAT
Annoyed a bedmate, maybe SNORED
Apparent change in position due to perspective PARALLAX
Auto with two full-width seats SEDAN
Big Macks? SEMIS
Bountiful discovery TROVE
Bygone Chevrolet van ASTRO
Calais cop GENDARME
Camporee treat SMORE
Carryalls TOTES
Cartoon creation of John Kricfalusi REN
Cause of inflation? AIR
Cereal container BOX
Completely demolish RAZE
Cuisine featuring étouffée CAJUN
Cuts through SEVERS
Dry: Prefix XERO
Earlier, in verse AFORE
Entrance hurdle EXAM
Establish the truth of PROVE
Except for SAVE
Eye ailment IRITIS
Forum wear TOGAS
Gospel singer Franklin ERMA
Grabbed some grub ATE
Hellenic H ETA
In high dudgeon IRATE
Intake regulator? APPETITE
International agreement PACT
Kierkegaardian concept ANGST
Like affection between female friends SISTERLY
Literary work OPUS
Lomond and Ness, for two LOCHS
Lurid gossip DIRT
Marquee sharer COSTAR
Meant to be FATED
Meyerbeer's specialty OPERA
Minor dust-up SPAT
Miscalculates ERRS
Napoleon III, to Napoleon NEPHEW
Not, colloquially NARY
Oral history LORE
Pack down TAMP
Pennsylvania port ERIE
People seen in 'People' CELEBS
Phalanx weapon SPEAR
Piece of cake? CRUMB
Play parts ACTS
Pro ___ RATA
Rim cover TIRE
River flowing through Kazakhstan URAL
Samoan capital APIA
Scoff JEER
Some retinal cells RODS
Stout fishing boat DORY
Support providers, of a sort BRAS
Tapers off EBBS
Tar's daily ration GROG
The Pentateuch TORAH
This animal presumably has large ears ... correction: it's earless ELEPHANTSEAL
This animal presumably hunts its prey in the jungle ... correction: the ocean TIGERSHARK
This animal presumably moves about on eight limbs ... correction: four limbs SPIDERMONKEY
This animal presumably spends its entire life in a shell ... correction: just the first part of its life TURTLEDOVE
Thorough defeat ROUT
Turn inside out EVERT
Two-bit despot SATRAP
Unable to attend? DEAF
University founder Cornell EZRA
Whence Zephyrus blows WEST
Wood prized by shipwrights TEAK
___ Derby (mottled green cheese) SAGE
___-Cuban (musical genre) AFRO
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