How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Nov 11 2018

'Based __ true story' ona
'Grand' ice cream brand edys
'How you holdin' up?' feelok
'It matters how you get there' app lyft
'Moonlight' Oscar winner Mahershala __ ali
'No __ done' harm
'One man's struggle to take it easy,' for 'Ferris Bueller' tagline
'Spare me your excuses' saveit
'Thor: Ragnarok' actor Idris elba
14-time Grammy-winning banjoist Béla fleck
A behavioral sci soc
A hungry actor might __ chewthescenery
A hungry angler might __ swallowthebait
A hungry banker might __ downpayments
A hungry film critic might __ takeinamovie
A hungry janitor might __ bitethedust
A hungry librarian might __ devouragoodbook
A hungry locksmith might __ boltthedoor
Abu Dhabi dignitary emir
Actress Falco edie
Actress Petty of 'Orange Is the New Black' lori
Adult cygnet swan
Alley in comics oop
Auto store buy part
Baseball Hall of Famer Koufax sandy
Before now ago
Bird feeder food suet
Blue eyes, e.g trait
Bouquet bearer vase
Breakfast-on-the-run pickup donut
Bright again relit
CafePress purchase tshirt
Cal. entry appt
Call __ day ita
Capital north of Berlin oslo
Carlsbad Caverns dweller bat
Cartoon desert island sight tree
Champ's collection titles
Chapel bench pew
Chatters prates
Cherry-topped dish sundae
City on Lake Erie toledo
Clever barb response ohsnap
Comes together gels
Comfy cover-up caftan
Comparison words asa
Competed using blades skated
Compote component fruit
Cookie grain oats
Curved plumbing piece ptrap
Defiant response idoso
Didn't toss kept
Dinghy need oar
Dollars for quarters rents
E'en if tho
Elemental variant isotope
English Derby town epsom
Exile castout
Ferrell's 'SNL' cheerleading partner oteri
Fit to be tied sore
Foot that's part of a meter iamb
Four Corners state utah
Geoffrey the Giraffe's store toysrus
Guiding principles tenets
Gush on stage emote
Herb used in turkey dressing sage
Highly skilled in adeptat
Inched crept
Intimidating words orelse
Kellogg's toaster pastry poptart
Lanai furniture material rattan
Land at Mexico City Airport? tierra
Last element in Pandora's box hope
Lawn-Boy parent company toro
Like some bagels oniony
Live, TV-wise onair
Loch with a mystery ness
Loosen, in a way unlace
Mariano Rivera, memorably yankee
Measure up cutit
Menace threaten
Mexican painter Frida kahlo
Monopoly buy hotel
Music-licensing org bmi
Mystique aura
Name on Irish euros eire
Naysayer's weapon? vetopower
Night before eve
Nonstick cookware brand tfal
North Carolina team tarheels
Not quite right amiss
Oft-chewed item fat
Often-seared tuna ahi
Omega rival seiko
One who picks up a lot neatnik
Outcome result
Party spread pate
Passé old
Password preceder userid
Pentagon address sir
Philistine boor
Point of contention issue
Poison sumac exposure risk itch
Polish literature? edit
Pond papa drake
Ponzi scheme, e.g scam
Poor rating onestar
Present at birth natal
Psalm pronoun thy
Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel sobig
Ramadan ritual fast
Ratio phrase isto
Really feel the heat bake
Reason sanity
Resembling ala
Retirement spot bed
River racers sculls
Seriously ticked irate
Shade hue
Sincere attempts efforts
Singer Baker anita
Somber notice obit
Some is changed regularly oil
Special forces mission raid
Spot for doodles notepad
Stick (to) adhere
Stopped at sea, with 'to' hove
Subjects of the film 'Blackfish' orcas
Swearing or swearing-in words oath
Terrier on 'Frasier' eddie
Texter's 'Oh, and another thing ... ' btw
TiVo predecessor vcr
Trains instructs
Tusked critter boar
Unlike this ans acr
Veda reader hindu
Venerable English school eton
White __ noise
Willing to listen open
Wiped out tired
Word before or after 'mother' earth
Work together unite
WWII sub uboat
__-Grain: breakfast bar brand nutri
'... but that appears to have been wrong' ornot
'Ella Enchanted' writer ___ Carson Levine gail
'Every single word you just said was wrong' nonono
'Fast Money' network cnbc
'Haven't gone to bed yet' imup
'I'm on top of it' willdo
'Just a ___' sec
'Massachusetts' singer Guthrie arlo
'Skeletons Warming Themselves' painter ensor
'The Emperor's ___ Groove' (Disney film) new
'The Lost Sea,' per the title of a documentary by Isabel Coixet aral
'___ that right?' isnt
'___: Miami' (police drama spinoff) csi
1942 role for Ingrid ilsa
2008 Olympic tennis gold medalist Dementieva elena
A major scale notes csharps
Accumulate abundantly rakein
Adams given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1980 ansel
Adhering to some pillars islamic
An eft is a young one newt
Antioxidant-rich gel aloe
Ape mimic
Appliance seen on 'The Great British Bake Off' oven
Approves, as a contract inks
Apt rhyme of 'infest' pest
Arabic word for 'commander' emir
Archipelago units islets
Beach houses owned by a tech giant? googlehuts
Becomes independent, in a way secedes
Belittle abase
Bible Belt metropolis tulsa
Biblical uncle of Enoch abel
Birmingham bloke chap
Boom or bust, e.g noun
Brittle like bacon crisp
Bug-tracking org.? cdc
Burglar's loot haul
Cabal's creation scheme
Casual stride lope
Certain Cornhusker State resident omahan
Certain recording tape
Characterized by involuntary twitches spastic
Check for bugs, as a video game playtest
Clapping and cheering, e.g noises
Composer Rota nino
Concoct, as bock brew
Conditioner target hair
Cool, as in the '60s fab
Covered, as with paint coated
Currency in Prague koruna
Desist cease
Farmland units acres
Farther down the line ahead
Fills beyond full sates
Flew the coop ran
Geometer who wrote 'Optics' euclid
Georgia and others nations
Glowing brightly radiant
Grant allow
Great energy zest
He portrayed Ted opposite Alex's Bill keanu
Hen's hiding space? cluckhole
Hybrid equine mule
Inflicted upon didto
Intel-collecting org nsa
It may be covered in melted cheese nacho
Jared with an Oscar leto
Jazz vocalist Anderson ivie
Key nominee of 2005 alito
Kunis of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' mila
Labour Party critic, often tory
Language in Lahore urdu
LGBT activist Jones who founded the AIDS Memorial Quilt cleve
Like Bob Saget's stand-up comedy lewd
Like breaking news stories, frequently updated
Like many shores sandy
Luxury Hyundai model azera
Member of parliament? owl
Mentally sound sane
Michael Moore documentary that critiqued Big Pharma sicko
MLB Network host Bob costas
Momentum component mass
Morcheeba singer Edwards skye
Muay Thai strike kick
Music genre pioneered by nurse Clara? bartonfunk
Nest-building insect wasp
Nickname of Ohio State's football stadium theshoe
Night sch. offering esl
Nonsense in the upper house of Congress? senatebull
Offhand greeting ohhi
Opinions takes
Org. in which many employees try to beat the Heat nba
Pecan, e.g tree
Pecans, e.g nuts
Pen resident hog
Per each
Per apiece
Person to whom you may give your Soul? valet
Person with a lot of experience, informally oldster
Personal appearance mien
Picky person's quibbles nits
Pitching staff VIP closer
Plumbing nuisance drip
Position situate
Product of heating coal tar
Protest participant, perhaps marcher
Puts in the House, say elects
Quarter of the year season
Rebellious big cat? thepunkpanther
Record letters rpm
Relentlessly reminds nags
Remains on the cover of a celebrity magazine? peopleskulls
Safecracker, in slang yegg
Seek forgiveness, say atone
Sit next to abut
Small horse that needs only a single semi? onetruckpony
Soft-shell item, maybe clam
Soup addition, maybe herb
Spices (up) livens
Split ___ ends
Spraying in self-defense macing
Starting contribution ante
State of outrage ire
Steak ___ Mexicana ala
Street sign abbr ave
Summon forth evoke
The X of Professor X xavier
They can hold water cisterns
Three-sided blade epee
Time spent near home? atbat
Toy dogs covered with some bed spread? pugsinablanket
Travel-planning aid made obsolete by GPS aaamap
Turn, as a lemon rot
TV used for moping? sulkscreen
Ultimatum conclusion else
Warm embrace hug
Warrant guitarist Turner erik
Waste receptacles ashcans
Wave detector ear
What spins turbines at thermal power stations steam
When repeated, stereotypical cry in a zombie film die
Zip up again reseal
___ acid (essential compound) amino
___ credit extra
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