How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 23 2017

''Empty'' words THREAT
''I was blindsided!'' KAPOW
''L'heure d'__'' (daylight saving time) ETE
''Oh, to be brave!'' speaker LAHR
''The Soapy Superhero'' SOS
'30s White House mom DELANO
A way to say ''OK'' OUI
Aquarium favorites SEAHORSES
Asia Minor capital LIRA
Beeginning? API
Big seller of buckets KFC
Bottom-feeders, in zoology EPIFAUNA
Burberry slim- or modern-cut offering TIE
Burly cop's apt nickname in ''The Wire'' HERC
By a single step ONCE
Cast dignity aside GROVEL
Chicago suburb WAUKEGAN
Chickpea alternative for falafel FAVABEAN
Curator's acquisitions OEUVRE
Delight beyond description ENRAVISH
Doesn't keep cool PANICS
Donegal's province ULSTER
Dulling agent OPIATE
East African grazers ORYXES
Exclamation of anticipation THISSHOULDBEFUN
First major city north of Kuwait BASRA
Foe in the Berzerk arcade game EVILOTTO
Formal recognizer CHAIR
Fuselage BODY
Gal√°pagos beast IGUANA
Gets through pursed lips SIPS
Good game for a long ride TWENTYQUESTIONS
Hold back STAY
How Thomas ends ''Do Not Go Gentle . . .'' ABAA
In no mood to party TOOSAD
Increased dishonestly, with ''up'' GINNED
Inner demon of Victorian literature HYDE
It's under the Ponte Vespucci ARNO
Like many state mottos LATIN
Much-visited tourist attraction HIGHSPOT
Musical double-headers SNARES
Name derived from ''Theresa'' TESS
Name on the Garbo role list HARI
No-count verdict TKO
Not quite what's next LATEST
Parallel ANALOG
Peter, because of Herod INMATE
Phrase on a Cracker Jack box NETWT
Places using plaster ERS
Player finally retired in 2016 VCR
Powerlifting procedures SQUATS
Press often HARASS
Prevented from attacking ATBAY
Pumpless, in a way ARTESIAN
Punic Wars port OSTIA
Senator Cochran THAD
Set in opposition PIT
Shared an account NARRATED
Small figures favored by Donatello AMORETTI
Sound again HEALED
Team formerly called the Pilgrims REDSOX
They're easy to take RUBES
Thrown back EATEN
Turns around ORBITS
TV portrayer of Burstyn's Oscar role LAVIN
Where Jefferson swore ''against every form of tyranny'' ALTAR
Wobegon-esque name SVEN
Word from the Greek for ''equal-legged'' ISOSCELES
Yogi's position ASANA
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