How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 14 2018

''Go ahead, ask'' shoot
''Got it!'' isee
''I hate this!'' itsawful
''Now, where __?'' wasi
''Otello'' baritone iago
''Rendezvous With'' __ (Clarke novel) rama
''__ la vie!'' cest
'70s Egyptian leader sadat
Academic concentration major
Albany's locale, vis-à-vis Manhattan upstate
Alias preceder aka
Ancient Mexican olmec
Article of faith tenet
Available in emergencies oncall
Avant-garde edgy
Band's audition submissions demos
Barely defeats nips
Before the buzzer intime
Black Sea resort yalta
Body art, informally tats
Bonnie of blues rock raitt
Bottom-line net
Bottom-line income clearprofit
Boxer's triumph kayo
Break, as a habit unlearn
Bring aboard hire
Business planning factor costbenefit
Carne __ (Mexican grilled meat) asada
Ceases to amuse getsold
China collection teaset
Christmas song trio hens
Cited specifically named
Clever sarcasm causticwit
Coffee shop freebie lid
Comedy routine schtick
Common bait worms
Common YMCA class cpr
Comprises has
Concern for propriety tact
Consumer crusader nader
Cranial recess sinus
Daily temperature stats lows
Didn't deviate from stuckto
Didn't sit by acted
Disney's middle name elias
Downhill ski run schuss
Edible sample taste
Element in kelp iodine
Embarrassing display scene
Enticing Web link clickbait
Error detection device in tracking numbers checkdigit
Ersatz cat dish tunacan
Facial feature chin
Faithful true
FDR or JFK dem
Features of '50s phones dials
Flour for tamales masa
Furlongs, relative to miles eighths
Gaga over madfor
Golf hole's edge lip
Got together met
Grayish ashy
How some wagers are made onatip
Imagine picture
Incisor neighbors eyeteeth
Informal menswear casualsuit
IT person's client user
Jazz vibraphonist hampton
Kit __ (candy bar brand) kat
Kitchen addition ette
Leather piercer awl
Let off steam vent
Lime, for instance citrusfruit
LL.D. holder atty
Loaf around laze
Logical thinking sense
Long time ages
Luau side dish poi
Main ingredient in smog ozone
Malia Obama's sister sasha
Med. school course anat
Metalworker smith
Mixed in with amid
Moppets tykes
Motel room extra cot
Move it race
Mythical fliers rocs
New Deal agcy nra
Not at all believable lame
Odds, essentially ratio
Of the Middle Ages feudal
One-celled swimmer amoeba
Org. for Nadal and Federer atp
Ornate neckwear ascot
Part of a foot inch
Part of, as a deal inon
Pie maker's discard cherrypit
Poetic plaudits odes
Pool tool cue
Porpoise relative orca
Preparatory period eve
Professional previewer critic
Proper name in Latin Masses jesu
Pungent Italian cheese asiago
Resound echo
Revolutionary War ally france
Ring forth toll
Run after an A bcde
San José, Costa __ rica
Scale starter doremi
Scent-following police group canineunit
Send forth emit
Shoulder blade scapula
Shoulder muscle, for short delt
Shutting down ending
Sign of healing scab
Sorority letters etas
Sounds catty meows
Source of the Mississippi itasca
Soy sauce brand lachoy
Spine's terminus tailbone
Stacks in warehouses crates
Suffix for project ile
Summer hrs dst
Support aid
Sweater mishap snag
Swindled stiffed
Switch on some radios amfm
Taunts teases
Terrible dreadful
Test for purity assay
Text-scanning technology: Abbr ocr
The universe cosmos
Thick with greenery lush
Tiny fraction of a min nsec
Trattoria choices pastas
Trivial matter nit
Unspecific person one
Vaccine overseer fda
Well-equipped (at) adept
Well-equipped (to) able
What ''fi'' often follows sci
Wilson of ''Cars'' owen
World Cup coup goal
__-Caps (movie candy brand) sno
__-Wan Kenobi obi
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