How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 06 2006

''Lion King'' villain SCAR
''__ ben Adhem'' ABOU
A few SOME
Acknowledge AVOW
Act dejected MOPE
Actress Belafonte SHARI
Asian peninsula ARABIA
Attacks HASAT
Car slower BUMP
Coin of Iran RIAL
Cold capital OSLO
Conjure up EVOKE
Cookie favorites OREOS
Corrida cheer OLE
County events FAIRS
Danson, on ''Cheers'' MALONE
Daybreak DAWN
End of conjecture WHATITSALLABOUT
Eternal City denizen ROMAN
Far from florid ASHEN
Flock member EWE
From the top AGAIN
Genie's largesse WISH
Give __ for one's money ARUN
Give-go go-between ITA
Go to SEE
Greek keyboardist YANNI
He may be beside himself CLONE
Holy terror BRAT
Jalousie feature SLAT
JFK follower LBJ
Kind of sax ALTO
Lamb by another name ELIA
Letters of urgency ASAP
Lo-cal LITE
Love to pieces ADORE
Low cards TREYS
Low man at La Scala BASSO
McCarthy colleague SNERD
Mead, for one LAKE
Middle of conjecture POKEYACTUALLYIS
Mistreat ABUSE
Musical measures BARS
Narrow passageway for water INLET
Not quite circular OVAL
Observe Lent FAST
Of a time period HORAL
Perpendicular to hor. VERT
Playwright Novello IVOR
Poker dealers' accessories VISORS
Reach an accord SETTLE
Room end ETTE
Russian river URAL
Scruff NAPE
Sealy competitor SERTA
Smoker or sleeper CAR
Souvlaki kin GYRO
Spanish compass point ESTE
Speak like a Castilian LISP
Spreadsheet worker USER
Star-crossed lover ROMEO
Start of a conjecture re a novelty dance SUPPOSETHEHOKEY
Stinky FETID
Storybook elephant BABAR
Test for college srs. GRE
The pits AWFUL
Tie the knot WED
Time of your life AGE
Took out DELED
Touched down ALIT
Troupe BAND
Unexciting TAME
Wheedle CAJOLE
Wide passageway for water MAIN
Working diligently ATIT
__ Tech CAL
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