How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 27 2006

''Doggone it!'' DRAT
''Same here!'' DITTO
''You've got mail'' co. AOL
Ancient stringed instrument LYRE
Annual 500-mile auto race, for short INDY
Baseball stat. RBI
Biblical paradise EDEN
Campus buildings DORMS
Cashews and filberts NUTS
Chimps and orangutans APES
Circle or square SHAPE
Clumsy one's cry OOPS
Coin of India RUPEE
Consider DEEM
Copy-machine supplies TONERS
Cowboy-boot attachment SPUR
Dad's lad SON
Damsel in distress' shout RESCUEME
Diet-food phrase NOFAT
Doing nothing IDLE
Eager AVID
Eager to sleep TIRED
English blokes CHAPS
Enter a username and password LOGON
External OUTER
Folk story TALE
Grumpy mood SNIT
Had a bite ATE
Has to have NEEDS
High-society group UPPERCRUST
High-society group ELITE
Identify NAME
Indigent POOR
Keep away from SHUN
Like fine wine AGED
Like ready-made concrete pieces PRECAST
Lost color PALED
Luau greeting ALOHA
Magazine execs. EDS
Make amends ATONE
Make humble ABASE
Men-only parties STAGS
Michigan or Minnesota STATE
Minimal amount LEAST
Old-time movie SILENTFILM
One way to prepare an egg POACH
Organized labor's rate of pay UNIONSCALE
Pool stick CUE
Private eye's garment TRENCHCOAT
Raw metals ORES
Retired airplane: Abbr. SST
Scottish girls LASSES
Serving trays on wheels TEACARTS
Shade trees ELMS
Show concern CARE
Sketched, as an outline TRACED
Somewhat round OVAL
Sticky stuff GLUE
String used for packages TWINE
Sunbather's goal TAN
Sweater size LARGE
Sword fight DUEL
Talk-show hosts EMCEES
That girl SHE
Thickly packed DENSE
Tit for __ TAT
Took the subway RODE
Turn paper to confetti SHRED
Upset-stomach soother ANTACID
Visit a store SHOP
Walks through water WADES
Wedding-cake layer TIER
Wineglass feature STEM
Wish earnestly HOPE
Works with clay MOLDS
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