How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 03 2018

''Aw __, it would be so wrong'' (2013 country song lyric) naw
''Bésame Mucho'' theme amor
''Boo'' alas
''Est'' is a form of it etre
''It can't overcook or undercook,'' per ads minuterice
''It couldn't be helped'' ihadto
''Post-graffiti'' street painter guerrillaartist
A lot of old poems oft
Air-kiss sound effect moi
American family structure cosanostra
Apple's headquarters, familiarly tino
Apt catwalk support kittenheel
Bi by bi by bi octo
Bit of mockery snark
Blood-chilling locales labfridges
Boon plus
Box __ set
Comfort zone easystreet
Dish (out) dole
Edible pentagonal piece okra
Effects enacts
Engineer a tank lose
Felt the strain of brinksmanship teetered
Gets hotter seethes
Gets out frees
Got ready to fiddle with, perhaps rosined
IHOP posting hrs
Ink-shooting Nintendo game splatoon
It's worn with a tie robe
Language that gave us ''Avon'' welsh
Line between pants amitoolate
Literally, ''Let it be done'' fiat
Literary criticism of a sort satire
Mai tai garnish parasol
Many Choctaw and Cherokee oklahomans
Minister with a ''Malcolm X'' cameo alsharpton
Norse Armageddon ragnarok
Numbered work, often litho
Offer a hand deal
Paper from a bank statements
Piece of sterling pence
Podcaster's plea rate
Pork rind makeup fatback
Predator in a food chain, often apex
Propensity bent
Push to start scare
Rail hub nest
Refuges for backpackers huts
Retro-remarkable rad
Safety-first TV reminder psa
Simple tie oneone
Some kindergarten sessions ams
Some restoration efforts tlc
Something registered with the International Court of Justice treaty
Soy protein, in some recipes extender
State north of the border etat
Tall character in ''Snow White'' ess
The antithesis of finesse bruteforce
The westernmost Old World mainlanders senegalese
Tired vehicles rehashes
Took sides, say ate
Transfer for CDs remaster
Unfolding afoot
Virtuosic ace
Wasn't playing sat
What some wedding rings resemble ropes
Workplace with score keepers operahouse
__ Four (Monkees nickname) prefab
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