How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 13 2018

''All Things Considered'' airer npr
''Clean'' series win sweep
''Frozen'' character voiced by 46 Across elsa
''Hmm . . .'' isee
''Make it snappy!'' asap
''The Stranger'' author camus
''Welcome to Kauai!'' aloha
'70s tennis champ ashe
'90s video-game blockbuster tetris
Administrative divisions arms
Aired again reran
Antlered beast stag
Apple product seed
Archaeological artifact relic
Assign blame to pinon
Auto racer Earnhardt dale
Baum barker toto
Be inclined (to) tend
Big name in printers epson
Bit of a 20 Across isle
Blunted sword epee
Bone-chilling eerie
Bowler's accessory wriststrap
Burnt, as briquettes ashy
Canadian conifers pines
Captain Ahab pronoun thee
Celebrity mystique aura
Columbus craft pinta
Company's expenditures coststructure
Competitive group side
Convex navels outies
Country on the Caspian iran
Courtroom ritual oath
Crop up arise
Crowd-scene actors extras
Denier's claim noti
Designated successor heir
Discussion theme topic
Dissenting vote nay
Diva's delivery aria
Dominican dance merengue
Euro-filled fountain trevi
Exhibit radioactivity decay
Fiend demon
First-class ace
Fixed look stare
Fleet-footed flightless bird emu
Former SeaWorld attraction shamu
Furniture wood oak
Furniture woods teaks
Goldman's partner sachs
Grad alum
Grew rapidly shotup
Has the opinion feels
In first ontop
In motion astir
Inflamed mood rage
Is exists
Is the culmination of caps
Islam's Almighty allah
It's told around a campfire ghoststory
JFK, in the '50s sen
Keep on file store
Kernel of a concept gist
Lab procedure test
Lagoon surrounder atoll
Lasting mark scar
Laundry challenge ruststain
Locales for lighthouses capes
Low man at the opera basso
Mailroom stamp dater
Marina __ Rey, CA del
Meddler yenta
Mendel of ''Frozen'' idina
Metaphorical breaking point laststraw
Mideast carrier elal
Mindful aware
Mineral in glassmaking feldspar
Moonwalker Conrad pete
More fun nicer
Muted, with ''down'' toned
Negotiation successes deals
Number-picking casino game keno
Obeys heeds
Olympic jacket letters usa
Optimal best
Outlandish stories tales
Overcome, so to speak lick
Part of BTU unit
Part of MSG mono
Pencil remnant stub
Pianist's practice piece etude
Piled up amassed
Pitfalls traps
Plugging away atit
Port of Brittany brest
Prefix for violet ultra
Prepare to 127 Across geton
Professorial gowns togas
Quick retort riposte
Rap star Kendrick lamar
Ready to play again rested
Regretful feelings pangs
Roundup gear lassos
Roundup gear ropes
Running pace gait
Running pace speed
Sahara hazard duststorm
Scratching post users cats
Second-sequel designation iii
See 81 Across pad
Senses of self egos
Sheets with legends maps
Signal via beeper page
Sitcom snippet clip
Sitcom's celebrity visitor gueststar
Slip past evade
Slip up err
Small singing groups duos
Sought clarification asked
Sprawling property estate
Start over with redo
Stat on cardboard box bottoms burststrength
Stew server ladle
Take a stab try
Take a train or bus ride
Telephone inventor's nickname alex
Terrific, in the Beatles Era fab
Thing in a trunk cartire
Tries to tag, perhaps chases
Truant GI awol
Two-fisted fellows hemen
Undershirts tees
Untroubled atpeace
Up to now asyet
Visa alternative amex
Way out there afar
Where the Amazon rises peru
Whole bunch slew
Witch's revenge curse
With 43 Across, art store purchase sketch
Wolfgang Puck eatery spago
Word often following ''further'' ado
World Cup cheer ole
Wows with humor slays
__ Domingo (Caribbean capital) santo
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