How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 24 2019

''Back to the Future'' buily biff
''Close Encounters'' focus ufo
''Got it'' isee
''Humble'' home abode
''Leave it'' stet
''Old MacDonald'' ending eieio
''Pretty Woman'' star gere
''Put your wallet away'' onme
''Simpsons'' tavern moes
''Star Trek'' intro adverb boldly
''Tempus __'' fugit
''Zip-__-Doo-Dah'' adee
''__ tree falls in the forest . . .'' ifa
Africa/Asia separator redsea
Alphabetic quartet cdef
Apple cousins pears
Arcade game giant atari
Assure, as a victory sewup
Attempt to win at auction bidon
Bank examiners' colleagues auditors
Barrel of laughs riot
BATTLESHIP STEEL __ armorplate
Be a nitpicker cavil
Be bold dare
Beagle-biting bug flea
Big-eyed fliers owls
Brunch array bagels
Cause to yawn bore
CIO partner afl
Clean thoroughly scrub
Cowpoke's assent yup
Crosswise to a ship abeam
Crown of a princess tiara
Dalai Lama's language tibetan
Dampens wets
Dark drink cola
Depleted ateup
DO-IT-YOURSELF __ tornadokit
Don't wait your turn on a line cutin
Dressing gown robe
Dull photo finish matte
Dust specks motes
Economist Greenspan alan
Edges of canyons rims
Essential part mainstay
EXPLOSIVE __ tennisballs
Feeling of dread angst
Feels concern cares
Fled, as danger ranfrom
French fashion mag elle
Getting nowhere fast inarut
Goes in a hurry races
Harsh cries yawps
Heart throbs beats
Heavy rains soakers
Hollywood Nick name nolte
Home for a 15 Across nest
Indonesia, essentially isles
Indulges catersto
INSTANT __ iciclemaker
Israeli port haifa
It's south of Kyiv odesa
Jai __ alai
John __ Lennon ono
JUMPING AIDS bedsprings
Kitchen or cold-weather coverings wraps
Large vase urn
Leaves breathless awes
LITTLE GIANT __ rocketsled
Loud sound bang
Luxuriates basks
Military lockup stockade
Minnesota claim to fame lakes
Monologue line joke
Morgan of ''30 Rock'' tracy
Mortgages, for example liens
Move smoothly flow
Municipal civic
News briefs items
NL West team ari
Open minimally ajar
Orange eggs in sushi smeltroe
Organize logically sort
Positions in bridge easts
Prefix for nautical aero
Prepare for a new job retrain
Prepare to play pool cueup
Proclamation emblem seal
Pulls into a spot parks
R&D procedure trial
Rarefied thin
Rather far miles
Red Riding Hood scenery woods
Repeat customer of the brand wileecoyote
Restrain, as a wrist shackle
Rhett Butler's last words adamn
Robert Browning in-laws barretts
Rubber-__ boots soled
Savers' options iras
Scholar's goal aaverage
Scornful smile sneer
Scrapbooking book album
Sermonic assents amens
Small bills ones
Soda sizes liters
Southwest English county dorset
Sovereign ruler
Spoken oral
Starting point in tennis love
Stealing, so to speak pinching
Stork cousin ibis
Stuffed pastries of India samosas
Sun Vly.'s state ida
Swelter broil
The product line's company acme
Tighten, as text edit
Tony Soprano's psychiatrist melfi
Took a stroll ambled
Tools with teeth rakes
Trades verbal jabs spars
Transgressions misdeeds
Trio times three nonet
Trojan War epic iliad
Tuber's nickname tater
Unavoidable outcome fate
Urgent directive asap
Very pale ashen
Wasn't passive acted
Western Pacific nation palau
What to wear attire
Where to walk in entryway
Wisdom tooth, for instance molar
With us now here
Words on a switch onoff
Wright's ''Princess Bride'' costar elwes
Writer Zola emile
__ BOMB smokescreen
__ of (in conflict with) afoul
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