How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 05 2008

''Cool in the center'' RARE
''Hey!'' PSST
''Let me in!'' OPENUP
''Power Lunch'' airer CNBC
''Song of the South'' honorific BRER
''Three coins in the'' fountain TREVI
25th of a certain 26 WYE
Ad infinitum NOEND
Administrative division ZONE
Amount at risk STAKE
Arp contemporary ERNST
Asylum seeker EMIGRE
Atari success PONG
Be gaga over ADORE
Becomes friendly WARMS
Ben Stiller's mom ANNE
Blood components SERA
BMW alternative AUDI
Burgundy buddies AMIS
California county NAPA
Cherrypicks CULLS
Cobble together MAKE
Colorful parrot MACAW
Cozy corner ALCOVE
Da Vinci subject LISA
Dandy dresser FOP
Declined precipitously PLUMMETED
Designer Gucci ALDO
Discredited IMPEACHED
Effrontery GALL
Final Four org. NCAA
Flat on one's stomach PRONE
Flea-market relative SWAPMEET
Furtive look PEEP
Galileo, by birth PISAN
German industrial area RUHR
Goldfinger's idol, possibly MIDAS
It's often chewed in class PENCAP
Japanese beer KIRIN
Like Vassar, since 1969 COED
Major European river RHINE
Mare's meal OATS
Military division UNIT
Narrow valleys GLENS
Negative connection NOR
Of age ADULT
Office holder? CREDENZA
One with an agenda? PDA
Ones under consideration CANDIDATES
Painter of ballerinas DEGAS
Popped up APPEARED
Precipice EDGE
President pro __ TEM
Record stats RPMS
Reduced for clearance ONSALE
Saddled (with) BESET
Self-centeredness EGO
Sew up DARN
Slovenia neighbor ITALY
Social occasion DANCE
Sound before a blessing ACHOO
Soviet intelligence initials KGB
Street-fair sight MIME
Struggles GRAPPLES
Took a cab RODE
Transfer CEDE
US alliance NATO
Very small portion SLIVER
Walt Kelly character POGO
Waxed GREW
Weakling WIMP
What a drifter lacks AIM
Whatsoever ATALL
Writes specifications for CONFIGURES
YMCA class CPR
__ Domini ANNO
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