How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 09 2018

''Doctor'' who wrote ''Green Eggs and Ham'' seuss
''__ we go again!'' here
Alphabetizes sorts
Annoying person pest
Aromas smells
Attention-getting whisper psst
Awaken from bed rouse
Bananas' coverings peels
Be in possession of have
Become visible appear
Brother of Cain abel
Casual parting words seeya
Changes the color of dyes
Cloaks waved by bullfighters capes
Container for a ''spring'' drink waterglass
Container for a morning brew coffeecup
Cover with concrete pave
Criterion: Abbr std
Dairy animals cows
Deceptive move feint
Egg-shaped oval
Farmland measure acre
Fire-hydrant attachments hoses
Flying-saucer pilot alien
Folk stories tales
Forget to include omit
Frequently often
Front-yard shopping event tagsale
Fry lightly saute
Give a hoot care
Grade-school support grps ptas
Having great height tall
Ireland nickname erin
IRS form experts: Abbr cpas
Jab with a finger poke
Large vases urns
Lion sounds roars
List-shortening abbr etal
Little green veggies peas
Makes pointier, as a pencil sharpens
Messy person slob
Military no-show, for short awol
Mug for a tavern brew beerstein
Not as expensive less
Now and __ (occasionally) then
Occupied a chair sat
Pillow covering case
Plugged in, as a cell phone charged
Possesses owns
Protection from harm safety
Receded, as the tide ebbed
Reputable, informally legit
Resorts with hot springs spas
Ripped up tore
Roof overhangs eaves
Sailor's ''yes'' aye
Santa's landing site housetop
See-through camera part lens
Shed a __ (weep) tear
Shrub or bush plant
Stemmed container for Chardonnay winegoblet
Stiff as a board rigid
Strong point asset
Sudden shake jolt
Suitable apt
Take an oath swear
Tire with no air flat
Tokyo's country japan
Uttered said
Vegetable in gumbo okra
Venetian-blind strip slat
Very small teeny
Wide-awake alert
__ down the law (be firm) lay
__ go (releases) lets
__ in the woods (innocent one) babe
__ Ness monster loch
__ sauce (seafood topping) tartar
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