How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 03 2014

''Dream on!'' UHUH
Action-film star from Hong Kong CHAN
Advocates' org ABA
Ancient South American INCA
Appointed time HOUR
Assess in a fitting room TRYON
Bahraini bigwig SHEIK
Be a nag CARP
Birth-related NATAL
Bison feature HUMP
Borden who invented condensed milk GAIL
Burrow HOLE
Cedar haters MOTHS
Clown around since the '60s RONALD
Come clean about ADMIT
Comic Boosler ELAYNE
Cornmeal bread PONE
Crate & Barrel alternative IKEA
Curfew for Dracula DAWN
Cushy class EASYA
December songs NOELS
Doozie LULU
Eating as if famished WOLFINGDOWNFOOD
Ends' partners ODDS
Equiangular figure ISOGON
Evading a crucial question DUCKINGTHEISSUE
Expresses relief, perhaps EXHALES
False rumor TALE
Fifty past TENTO
Herb in some stuffings SAGE
Hot-tub locales SPAS
Increases, with ''up'' RAMPS
Jack on ''30 Rock'' ALEC
Kyoto currency YEN
Lever or cleaver TOOL
Library transaction RENTAL
Louisiana Purchase part IOWA
Mary Poppins, for one NANNY
Meanspirited UNKIND
Misses the boat ISLATE
More than unfortunate TRAGIC
Not at all cool UNHIP
Not so fast SLOWER
Oath affirmation IDO
Obama's mother ANN
Oliver Twist fare GRUEL
Omen, for instance SIGN
Online view intro IMHO
Overfamiliar, as a joke OLD
Pins of violins PEGS
Pivotal KEY
Place to work out YMCA
Prefix meaning ''straight'' ORTHO
Project Gutenberg download EBOOK
Rankles ANNOYS
Reminiscent of fake fruit WAXY
Rival of Grey Goose vodka SKYY
Showing talent ABLE
Slightly under pitch FLAT
Smartphone ancestors PDAS
Snug spots NESTS
Some needlework LACE
Some tablets PCS
Some TV displays LCDS
Spongy ball brand NERF
Stein filler ALE
Suffix for smack EROO
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Unintended radio silence DEADAIR
Unreliable source LIAR
Use up SPEND
Wall Street trader, for short ARB
Wander (about) GAD
Wear down ERODE
What Woodley calls Bumstead DAG
__ d'oeuvres HORS
__ del Fuego TIERRA
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