How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 02 2006

''French'' course ONIONSOUP
''Make up your mind!'' YESORNO
''That's wonderful!'' OOH
'70s Israeli defense minister DAYAN
About a 62 DEE
Activity center HUB
Actress Arthur BEA
Actress Sorvino MIRA
African capital ACCRA
Animal life FAUNA
As the director intended UNCUT
Author Lurie ALISON
Author __ Lee Hope LAURA
Back-to-health process REHAB
Bars on a soap box UPC
Be next to ABUT
Be too curious PRY
Belly muscles ABS
Blaster's buy TNT
Blender setting PUREE
Breed of cat REX
British noble BARONET
California wine county SONOMA
Cancel out ANNUL
Childhood malady MUMPS
Compass point EAST
Consumed (with) OBSESSED
Cooking class, for short HOMEEC
Cool and refreshing ICY
Corp. money manager CFO
CPR expert EMT
DA, for one ATT
Defeat decisively TROMP
Developer's buy LOT
Diminutive suffix LET
E-mail options BCCS
Elvis film of '60 GIBLUES
Evince agreement NOD
Explanation preceder IDEST
Extremists ULTRAS
FDR's mother SARA
Fiver FIN
Form 1040 acronym IRA
Fur coats STOLES
Furry frog-eaters OTTERS
Gents SIRS
Ginnie __ MAE
Greets rudely ACCOSTS
Grey shade ASH
Hold out ENDURE
Hold-'em ritual ANTE
Holds out LASTS
Hosp. area ICU
Jean Arp, for one DADAIST
Jersey comment MOO
John of pop music ELTON
Kipling character KIM
Kitchen attractions AROMAS
Leader at Indy PACECAR
Like the Rose Bowl game ONCEAYEAR
Literary miscellany ANA
Long-running tiff FEUD
Lose brightness FADE
Make a crossing of SPAN
Make a new round of corrections REEDIT
Marine luminescence SEAFIRE
Maryland state bird ORIOLE
Mex. miss SRTA
Mr. Ziegfeld FLO
Music event CONCERT
Needing a hand BADOFF
Next to NEAR
Night noise SNORE
Nonpayer's risk REPO
Not worrying, per an old song PACKINGUPYOURTROUBLES
Numerical prefix UNI
Oater group POSSE
Odometer increments TENTHS
Of high integrity ETHICAL
Of sound AURAL
Old-time oath FIE
Opinion piece ESSAY
Org. for GPs AMA
Ostrich relative RHEA
Out of __ (amiss) WHACK
Paperweight plastic LUCITE
Perfect place EDEN
Performs away from home TAKESTHESHOWONTHEROAD
Permitted things DOS
Personal OWN
Piece of legislation ACT
Print-shop aide INKER
Puritanical PRISSY
Queue after Q RSTU
Race pace TROT
Raising the roof IRATE
Replay mode SLOMO
Roses' home BED
Rotational line AXIS
Say again ECHO
Seeks a strike BOWLS
Sesqui- times two TRI
Shaded areas ARBORS
Shakespearean sprite ARIEL
Sheet-music credit WORDS
Shrubby wasteland HEATH
Side by side ABREAST
Single-helix molecule RNA
Sketcher's need ERASER
Software holders DISCS
Software holders PCS
Sort of horse ROAN
Sounds of distress YELPS
Souvenir TOKEN
SRO situations SELLOUTS
State with a Carbon and Iron county UTAH
Stats. NOS
Storefront light NEON
Straw, essentially TUBE
Sugar amts. TSPS
Tippler SOT
Took care of an invoice PLACEDACHECKINTHEMAIL
TV room DEN
Two-dimensional PLANE
Unbroken string RUN
Undoes a delete STETS
Unwrap OPEN
Villainous glance SNEER
Washrooms, for short LAVS
Well acquainted with UPON
Well-spoken FLUENT
What 119 Across means ONE
Where Thunder Bay is: Abbr. ONT
Word of agreement DITTO
Yoga accessory MAT
__ jiffy INA
__ time (temporarily) FORA
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