How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 20 2019

''. . . against __ of troubles'' asea
''Green'' or ''black'' beverage tea
''Never mind'' nah
108 Across commodity oil
84 Across, e.g ammo
A UK alliance nato
A word with you are
Abominate hate
Actor Leto jared
Advance, as funds lend
Alaska city sitka
Almighty, in 53 Across dio
Alter amend
Ape researcher Fossey dian
Apple, but not HP tree
Argentine coin peso
Aviation prefix aero
Baby elephants calves
Bag fastener clasp
Be philanthropic donate
Beginning on asof
Bets first opens
Boggy areas mires
Book on the Celebrate the Century stamp sheet with FDR gwtw
Brain scans: Abbr eegs
Bring in a crop reap
Cause that King dedicated his life to civilrights
Central city with a scale mapinset
Composed for voices choral
Composer Carmichael hoagy
Concerning inre
Controlled a ride drove
Coral island atoll
Cowardly Lion portrayer lahr
Decaf brand sanka
Democrat who introduced the King legislation in the House johnconyers
Designated named
Disneyland's Main Street, __ usa
Dugout furniture benches
Early Ford rival olds
Edible bow ties noodles
Eggs: Lat ova
Empire State college vassar
Enduring phrase from a 1963 King speech ihaveadream
Extremely ohso
Farming science agronomy
Female elephants cows
Fixed lunch for fed
Flea market relative swapmeet
Flier to Rotterdam klm
Foolishly giddy slaphappy
Founded: Abbr estd
French elementary school ecole
Gave the go-ahead oked
Give shelter to house
Golf pro Ernie els
Got up on karaoke night sang
Grand __ Opry ole
Grannies nanas
Grouch crab
Grp. that Qatar recently left opec
Guided in the direction of steeredto
Gym handout towel
Hamlet's girlfriend ophelia
Has as its capacity takes
He signed the King legislation ronaldreagan
Heavy hammer sledge
Hedge plant shrub
High fashion monogram ysl
Hiking trail path
Humpty Dumpty-like obese
Impolite look leer
January date designated to honor King thirdmonday
Karate levels dans
Kind of girder ibar
KitchenAid alternative amana
Lara Croft portrayer jolie
Like some forest floors mossy
Limo rider, often vip
Lingered stayed
Little bit tad
Little troublemaker imp
Long-term savings option ira
Metaphor for emotion heart
Minuscule wee
Misfortunes ills
Mosque leader imam
Most arduous hardest
Move like a snake creep
Much of Mongolia gobi
Mule, for West Point mascot
Nightwear, for short pjs
Off __ tangent ona
Old-school cheer rah
One of Canada's First Nations cree
One way to pay bills bymail
Oreo shape disc
Paper tissue layer ply
Part of FDIC federal
Pear variety bosc
Pizzeria staple cheese
Place to buy squeaking bones petstore
Professional trade org assn
Raucous fight brawl
Relaxed atease
Relieve, as thirst slake
Republican who introduced the King legislation in the Senate edwardbrooke
Respectful title maam
Roof support beam
Rustic retreats inns
Science major geology
Secluded valley glen
Send secretly, for short bcc
Shakespearean king oberon
Shrank back flinched
Site of the 50 Across speech lincolnmemorial
Six-Emmy Alan alda
Soft projectile nerfball
Solemn ceremony rite
Sound from the soothed aah
Source of sugar beets
Source of wool sheepfarm
Spreadsheet array rows
Studying closely into
Successful legislation law
Suffix for star let
Surface extent area
Sweet Sixteen party honoree girl
Takeback, briefly repo
They may be underfoot rugs
Traveled on rode
Two-sided bilateral
UN member since 1948 isr
Veggies in fried rice peas
Vex roil
What Huck Finn called a ''stretcher'' lie
Where Napoli is italia
Wife of Jacob leah
Wine city near Turin asti
With enthusiasm avidly
Work crew team
Workshop grippers pliers
Wrap up end
Yellowstone grazers elks
__ arguments (courtroom rituals) oral
__ tai cocktail mai
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