How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 17 2005

''Roses __ red . . .'' ARE
''Stop'' or ''Yield'' SIGN
''Would you like anything __?'' ELSE
Acquire OBTAIN
Also TOO
Applicant's desire JOB
Back, as a racehorse BETON
Bacon piece STRIP
Baseball great Ruth BABE
Bed coverings SPREADS
Bicycle pair TIRES
Bistro CAFE
Blue-colored cartoon character SMURF
Bread baker's need YEAST
Break, as a balloon POP
Call attention (to) REFER
Conclusion END
Construction-site cart WHEELBARROW
Consumes more than OUTEATS
Copy-machine supplies TONERS
Data to be entered INPUT
Deceitful ones LIARS
Deliver a speech ORATE
Demi of film MOORE
Dictators DESPOTS
Dining-room furniture TABLE
Dinner course SALAD
Diva's solo ARIA
Doled (out) METED
Feel poorly AIL
Feeling achy SORE
Fence features POSTS
Fishhook projection BARB
Floor-washing implement MOP
Folk story TALE
From __ Z ATO
Garden tool HOE
Heifers' mates BULLS
Historic time ERA
Italian ''So long!'' CIAO
Jeweled crown TIARA
JFK's successor LBJ
Kitchen grinder PEPPERMILL
Laced up TIED
Large bag TOTE
Large roll of money WAD
Likenesses IMAGES
Made a cut in, as wood SAWED
Main artery AORTA
Make a sketch DRAW
Make angry IRE
Marshal Wyatt EARP
Miss Muffet's visitor SPIDER
Not at work OFF
Office assistant AIDE
Office conference: Abbr. MTG
Part of a golf course FAIRWAY
Part of MPH PER
Petroleum-carrying ship OILER
Pie-in-the-face sound SPLAT
Poems of praise ODES
Prefix with system ECO
Pt. opposite SSW NNE
Raw vegetables, informally RABBITFOOD
Say the rosary PRAY
Sentence-ending marks PERIODS
Settled on the sofa SAT
Shipping container CRATE
Skier's lift TBAR
Some IBM products PCS
Spoil, as food ROT
Take place OCCUR
Tennis-match units SETS
West of old films MAE
Whip up, as a meal PREPARE
Window ledges SILLS
Young mare FILLY
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