How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 19 2015

''Inferno'' writer DANTE
''Like that would happen!'' ASIF
''No need to remind me!'' IKNOW
24 horas DIA
All worked up IRATE
Art Deco artist ERTE
Big bruisers HEMEN
Big name in harvesters DEERE
Browser bookmark URL
Bush 41 cabinet member KEMP
Call off a launch ABORT
Camouflage HIDE
Capital of Senegal DAKAR
Catapult missile STONE
Chirping lizard GECKO
Color close to turquoise AQUA
Concoct, as a plan HATCH
Consisted of HAD
Copy, as 34 Down BURN
Country singer Tillis MEL
Cut and paste EMEND
Darlin' HON
Deep laugh HOHO
DJ's supply CDS
Exclamation of frustration SHEESH
First of all ADAM
Formal order EDICT
Four-legged farm workers OXEN
Frat letter SIGMA
Funds recipient PAYEE
Gazes at OGLES
Gets it SEES
High bond rating AAA
Ho __ Minh City CHI
Insults, so to speak SLAMS
Kitchen cleaner brand OXY
Kitty's comment MEW
Laid-back STAID
Lock of hair TRESS
Mascara recipients EYELASHES
Me, to Marie MOI
Meadowlands LEAS
Minor quarrels SPATS
Mongol ruler of old KHAN
Most current LATEST
News-story starter DATELINE
NH winter hours EST
Ornamental plant HOSTA
Parliamentary votes AYES
Pedal pushers FEET
Plumber's collection WRENCHES
Ruckus TODO
Second thoughts CHANGEOFHEART
Session on the set TAKE
Sort of sweatshirt HOODIE
Speaker introducer EMCEE
Stands out SHINES
Sun Valley locale IDAHO
Suppress SITON
The least bit ANY
Thieving nature STICKYFINGERS
Things to think about IDEAS
Throngs HORDES
Time of year SEASON
Title bestowed on Tom Jones SIR
Too smooth-talking OILY
Underlying cause ROOT
Unusually large HUGE
Urban pool locale YMCA
Wavy-line shapes ESSES
Where nearly all DJIA stocks trade NYSE
Yoo or boo follower HOO
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