How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 20 2015

''Anything else?'' AND
''Arabian Nights'' flier ROC
''Cosmo'' competitor ELLE
''Don't think so'' NAH
''Dracula'' heroine MINA
''Hold on there!'' WHOA
''Honeymooners'' surname KRAMDEN
''Let's move it!'' CMON
''Olde'' emporium SHOPPE
''On the double!'' PRONTO
''On the double!'' ASAP
''The Music Man'' setting IOWA
''Vicar's themes'' and ''Christmas Eve'' ANAGRAMS
''War of the Worlds'' invader MARTIAN
''Wide Sargasso Sea'' author RHYS
2015 big-league returnee AROD
A real drag NOFUN
Actor Davis OSSIE
Actress Falco EDIE
Appraiser's map PLAT
Baby girl, in Spain NENA
Begins a plant relocation UNPOTS
Belligerent state WAR
Big boss, briefly CEO
Big boss, briefly PREZ
Burrowed DUG
Cash advance LOAN
Chemistry experiment subjects REACTANTS
Cocoa substitute CAROB
Cowboys quarterback great STAUBACH
Cry of alarm YIPE
Differentiates SETSAPART
Dishonors SHAMES
Diva's delivery ARIA
Domestic workers HIREDHELP
Door busters RAMS
Dwell (on) HARP
Ecological community BIOME
Electric Roadster maker TESLA
Embassy Suites owner HILTON
Energy-saving bulb, for short LED
Enjoy, as benefits REAP
Fabric prone to fading DENIM
Far from abundant SPARSE
Farm structure SILO
Farming medium SOIL
Fashion-forward CHIC
Faucet attachment AERATOR
Feline sign LEO
Fibber's confession ILIED
Fountain near the Pantheon TREVI
Friend of Scooby-Doo DAPHNE
Furnished with footwear SHOED
Gallery print, for short LITHO
Gandhi associate NEHRU
Get traded from the Dodgers to the Mets GOEAST
Give __ (care) ARAP
Google service NEWS
Goulash, for instance STEW
Grand tales EPICS
Great amounts SEAS
Guitar forerunner LUTE
Hard to hum, perhaps ATONAL
Has trouble deciding AGONIZES
Herring known for its roe SHAD
High bond rating AAA
Imperfection DEFECT
Ingredient in a dragon roll EEL
Inspirational slogan MOTTO
Is unable to CANT
Is: Lat EST
Krugerrand's 22 KARATS
Land on the Gulf of California BAJA
Lee of comic books STAN
Misfortunes ILLS
Monetary amounts SUMS
Mother of the Titans GAIA
Mutineer, e.g REBEL
Naval station BASE
Nickname for a bully MADDOG
NPR host Shapiro ARI
Occupational specialty METIER
Off the mark ERRANT
Offer from Fido PAW
Olden days YORE
Pal of Tigger ROO
Person at a mortgage signing NOTARY
Personal ad abbr SWF
Picnic invader ANT
Plated mammal ARMADILLO
Pond swimmers NEWTS
Poppycock FOLDEROL
Prefix for ''fire'' PYRO
Prefix meaning ''wine'' OENO
Publisher Pulitzer JOSEPH
Rather long time AGES
Resort near Santa Barbara OJAI
Roasted, on French menus ROTI
Rock guitarist Carlos SANTANA
Saskatchewan speed-limit letters KPH
Sax player's buy REED
Scale (down) DIAL
Scatterbrain DITZ
Send electronically, as funds WIRETO
Sharer's opposite HOG
Shock with a stun gun TASE
Sicily's high point ETNA
Silt, for instance DEPOSIT
Simile center ASA
Sippy-cup inserts STRAWS
Small musical group TRIO
Smear on, as paint DAUB
Spoils, as a picnic RAINSON
Springbok's habitat VELDT
Stare at OGLE
Stove setting WARM
Summer Olympics blade EPEE
Sunroof alternatives TTOPS
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Sworn promise OATH
Tablet computer ancestors SLATES
Things to learn first ABCS
Tips off CUES
Tousle MUSS
Triangular peninsula SINAI
Underhanded SLY
Unsubstantial FROTHY
US Open tennis stadium ASHE
Vegan staple SOY
Venomous snake ADDER
Very very OHSO
Vestige TRACE
Weighty book TOME
Well-traveled Nickelodeon toon DORA
Wholesale quantity CASE
Yanks TUGS
__ deGrasse Tyson NEIL
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