How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 01 2008

''Identical'' sibling TWIN
''Okay!'' YES
''This is all __'' IASK
50% HALF
Adam and Eve's home EDEN
Admired one IDOL
Aerosol output SPRAY
All kidding __ ASIDE
April forecast RAIN
As compared to THAN
Cake decorator ICER
Capital of Peru LIMA
Car-transmission settings GEARS
Changes schools TRANSFERS
Chatter GAB
Chew like a rodent GNAW
Coal worker MINER
Consumer USER
Current fashion TREND
Do newspaper work EDIT
Dried plum PRUNE
Droops SAGS
Excessive speed HASTE
Explanation starter YOUSEE
Feel a need for WANT
Feudal laborer SERF
Full collections SETS
Fussy sort PRIG
Give as an example CITE
Have a debate ARGUE
Historical period ERA
Hoop edges RIMS
Human spirit SOUL
In addition AND
Italy's capital, to natives ROMA
Japanese or Israeli ASIAN
Ladder step RUNG
Lincoln facial feature BEARD
Long skirt MAXI
Love songs BALLADS
Lug along CARRY
Makes public BARES
Margarine OLEO
Mystical glow AURA
Nation next to Portugal SPAIN
Navigation hazard REEF
Northerner, informally YANKEE
Not very speedy SLOW
Obtain from overseas IMPORT
On an angle SLANTED
Otherwise ELSE
Packing tightly STUFFING
Pants-leg part KNEE
Party's conservative branch RIGHTWING
Party's liberal branch LEFTWING
Percussionist's prop DRUMSTICK
Restrict LIMIT
Scale notes after fas SOLS
See eye to eye AGREE
Sew temporarily BASTE
Sheet of a book PAGE
Short-distance run SPRINT
Sign above a theater door EXIT
Sports venue ARENA
Suspicious WARY
Swaggering walk STRUT
Take, as advice HEED
Texas city FORTWORTH
Tried to hit a baseball SWUNG
Uses a towel DRIES
Verne's sub captain NEMO
Very impressed AWED
Watermelon coverings RINDS
Wears well LASTS
Wild guess STAB
Write with block letters PRINT
__ best friend (a dog) MANS
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